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  1. Wanted: XRV750 RD07A - Venom Exhaust Link Pipe

    For Sale / Wanted
    XRV750 RD07A - Venom Exhaust Link Pipe. Help
  2. For Sale: motad Venom RD07 - O7A

    For Sale / Wanted
    brand new motad venom short can :cool:, brand new in the box £110 plus post im putting this up for Yeti of this parish , as he is working offshore and cant do it himself , so if you are interested contact me :thumbup: regards Chad:)
  3. Replacement exhaust

    Hi. I'm new to this forum and have searched but can't find an answer to my query. My son's Varadero 125 was fitted with a Venom exhaust. He now has a Transalp XL650V. I'm wondering if anyone knows where we could buy a pipe from the exhaust can to the exhaust header. The pipe from the Varadero is...
  4. Differences?

    Africa Twin
    Is there a difference between a 97 AT and a 2000 AT when it comes to the exhaust system? I've seen a Venom end can and link pipe advertised for a 97 AT and was wondering if it would fit straight on my 2000 AT?
  5. Original AT exhaust

    What's it worth?
    I'm about to remove the original and fit a Venom exhaust. Was thinking of selling the original RD07a exhaust. It's in pretty good condition. What's it worth please?
  6. End Cans on an AT

    Mechanical Advice
    I've got a standard can on my AT at the min, but I'm thinking of lightening the load a bit by gettin a lighter, louder, deeper sounding can. :cool: There are so many versions out there. Venom seem to be a favorite. I want something that sounds the dogs, gets better MPG, looks good, saves on...
  7. Honda AFRICA TWIN VENOM GP exhaust

    Africa Twin
    These any good or better off spending some more on something else. My AT looks like its pipe is going around the join with the header. Whats the word?
  8. Exhaust Removal and Replacement

    Africa Twin
    Got my exhaust off for the Center Stand today without too much drama. One of the bolts on my 11 year old exhaust clamps was rusted, but was eventually persuaded to break free after a good soak in PB Blaster. One of my new Venom exhaust clamp bolts broke though. It's less than a year old...
  9. For Sale: SS Motad Venom Exhaust for RD07

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, Got a stainless motad venom for sale. Bought the end can a few weeks ago but then decided to buy a complete exhaust for my 1998 AT. As such, I now have a little used end can with new link pipe and bracket. Motad have changed the end can and the link pipe is about 1mm smaller than it...
  10. Venom can on ebay

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, seen this 160748769641 item on ebay, is £89.99 good value and are they good exhausts. Anyone's experience would be greatly received. I have a standard can on my AT, but feel the need to change something. Thanks
  11. Sold: motad venom stainless can

    For Sale / Wanted
    Another victim of the clear out Motad Venom end can £50 plus postage
  12. New Motad Venom Fitted

    Africa Twin
    Ive just fitted a Motad Venom on the bike, what a difference in weight, the OEM weighed in at 7.85kg and the venom was less than 3kgs, the sound is awsome too, also the original heat shield was fitted back on. :D
  13. Holan Pannier rack with a Venom Can problems

    Africa Twin
    I got a set of Holan racks for the 02 @ so I can share the panniers I have for the varadero....plan seemed ok but When I have put the rack on the exhaust side the brace bar would need to go straight through the exhaust. Anyone used this combination and has a solution please? If I shorted the...
  14. venom exhausts

    Hi I've seen from a few older posts that some have fitted motad venom silencers and pipes to their varadero's. After contacting Motad, and their reply that they do not sell a fitment, what have people done to enable a fit? My 00 mk1 has the original exhausts on and they are starting to look a...
  15. Motad Venom Exhaust

    Africa Twin
    Advice needed. I am fitting a Motad Venom end can and connector pipe to my rd07, however the original exhaust mounting point and new venom mounting bracket don't line up! I know some of you guys have these cans on your bikes, so please give me a bit of advice as to what the best action is...
  16. Motad Venom

    Africa Twin
    Hi all anybody used one of these end cans do they fit ok and are they quiet thanks in advance:thumbup:
  17. Motad Venom end can

    Africa Twin
    Just fitted my new S/Steel Motad Venom can (took all of 10 mins) :razz: which I bought on fleebay direct from Motad for £90.00:D:D:D. Excellent bit of kit - perfect fit, sounds nice and fruity and although I've only rode it up and down my street I think there's a wee bit more poke in the...
  18. Venom + exhaust

    Africa Twin
    :eek:I bought a venom + exhaust from motad on ebay 89.00, dleivered in 2days and fitted today. A little fiddly although superb fit once on, sounds awesome and so cheap!! Thought i post this today for anyone interested as there are several on ebay now.
  19. Venom Handguards

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone got any idea if these will fit a 95 RD07 Riderz, motorcycle clothing and accessories Cheers
  20. Are motad venom cans performance enhancing?

    I've just taken out a policy and listed all of the modifications to the bike from standard (crash bars, center stand, luggage and so on) over the phone. When receiving the policy through, the question: Has the vehicle been modified or altered from the maker's specification? If yes, please...