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  1. Speedometer overlay

    Africa Twin
    Any opinions on the speedometer overlays I have seen? I’m back in states with rd07a and would like to change speedo over to mph now from kph . This is a lot cheaper option versus full speedo replace. How hard if someone has done
  2. Dominator NX650 frame versus XL600 frame

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, does anyone know if there is a big difference between a NX650 frame and a XL600 Frame? I'm considering to put all XL600parts (fuel tank, seat, lichts, fenders etc on a Dominator frame (+engine)... Maybe also an option would be to put a dominator engine in the XL600? I have no idea how...
  3. Car versus motorcycle oil

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all I have searched the forum but can't find an answer to my query. I have a '99 SLR650 which I intend to give regular oil changes, however motorcycle specific oil is much more expensive than car oil. I have always used car oil in my BMWs and British bikes but have read dire warnings of...
  4. Left fork leg cover

    Africa Twin
    Wondering if anyone knows if a later 750 left fork cover would fit on a 89AT? I like the looks of it versus the cover over the entire disc, maybe one from an RD04 possibly? Thanks
  5. Looking for advise on Boano Marathon Replica Tank (One cap or two?) RD03

    Africa Twin
    Looking for advice on Boano Marathon Replica Tank (One cap or two?) RD03 Looking for some advice on the Marathon Replica tank that is available for the RD03. It comes in a couple of different versions I believe, and any pros/cons to the one cap version versus the two cap one would be...
  6. Centre Stand

    I am going to leave my centre stand on the old Vara and I will need one for the new one. What's the general opinion on the forum re; HONDA stands versus other makes like Touratec ....? from what I can see there is about £ 40 between them........
  7. 3 in 1

    Mechanical Advice
    Do people still use this? Is it superseded by other stuff? I guess, I posted recently 'bout ACF, not as a versus against WD40; just a question 'bout efficacy? Halfords still knock out 3 in 1 cheaply, is that just a little bit of nostalgia for the ol' folks, or is it still viable in this day...
  8. Oil for the AT.

    Africa Twin
    Not had it long but I doubt it has been serviced for a while. Looking here seems to be some fair prices. But oil does my swede in, so many flavours. What does anybody reccomend. I know cheap as...
  9. Tom Tom Rider V2 versus Tom Tom Rider Pro

    I am about to order one, but can't tell the difference from the descriptions on Amazon. Help! Thank you.
  10. which gaskets to use?

    Africa Twin
    Planning a countershaft swap on my 750L as the splines are dead. I priced up the shaft which was not too expensive but the gaskets for the whole job if I use Honda oem are approx £180+ vat - the supplier said they can get pattern ones for around £65+ vat per set. Anybody got any views on oem...
  11. 700 versus 650 on A-road touring duty

    I am considering both a 700 cc and a 2007 650cc Transalp. I would appreciate advice on their A-road manners. I will be doing a mixture of riding but I sold my BMW 650 because it was too taxing on motorway and dualcarriage way work. I have rode a 700 and it seemed that it would be OK for my...
  12. RD03 versus RD04

    Africa Twin
    Hi All Appreciate that this question may of been covered in the past, however, when doing a quick search nothing pops up. Considering purchasing either one of the above at the moment. I've owned a RD07 in the past but I've no experience of either of the older machines (haven't even seen one in...
  13. O ring versus standard chain

    I just picked up a DID chain and sprocket set that I ordered from my local supplier here in france - it wasnt till i went to fit it that i relised the chain was not an o ring - the dealer told me that it is a good quality chain and suitable for the bike and offroading. It does say motorcross on...
  14. standard air filter versus K+N version.

    Mechanical Advice
    Is there any point paying extra for the K+N air filter? Does it help MPG, runs any better etc? I plan on a service soon and will possibly put in Iridium plugs, also got a Venom end can fitted which was a seconds item for £60 and advertised on a thread here a while ago:thumbright:. All this on a...
  15. Prices GB versus Sweden

    A new 08 Tenere will cost me £4,675.00 in England And the same model will cost...
  16. Fatbars versus 'normal' bars

    Mechanical Advice
    Just wondering what's to be gained by spending the extra 20 quid (60ish as opposed to 40ish) over the normal braced Renthal bars? Are they as strong or are you just paying for the style?? Cheers David
  17. Rear sprocket 47T versus 48T

    Quick question, I'm in the middle of changing my rear sprocket and the plonkers have sent me a 47T sprocket instead of the specified 48T. :mad: Can I use it and if I do what will be the impact, less fuel efficiency as the engine has to rev higher to maintain the speed? :rolleyes: Already taken...
  18. crf versus xr

    What is the difference between an XR400 and CRF 450? Did CRF replace the XR? I'm off to Dubai soon, have just sold my Transalp and now need to buy a real off road bike. I reckon I'll be 90% off road in the sand but want to be able to tour occasionally. I've read about XR's touring and they...
  19. AT versus TA

    As well as my ‘96 @ I have an ‘87 TA which I bought for £500 about seven months ago. It was bought for a mate as a cheapo bike on which to do a little tour of Europe. It showed obvious signs of wear and tear and neglect; the seller was quite honest in saying it hadn’t been serviced at all while...
  20. Leather jkt with waterproofs versus technical fabric jackets

    I've always been fascinated by technical clothing and am finding my new interest in motorbikes a rich new area to explore. Kitting myself out to ride my new (to me) Transalp has involved a mixture of gear. New leather trousers (Richa), ebay textile jacket, ebay boots and new leather gloves...