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  1. Bike lift tables

    I see there are two basic designs. Scissor type where the table rises vertically or ones where the table moves backwards as it goes up. Anybody got any idea if one type is inherently more stable than the other or is it simply down to the size of the base on the garage floor?
  2. What I miss...? (V1.2)

    OK who won the XRV Homo-sapien of the year award? Was it me..? What I win…? (The original question, has be worded "Homo-sapien" intentionally in said fashion in attempt not be at genetically discriminating in any way, nor gender biased with niceness deprived overtones, and should...
  3. Lowering the Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    Being vertically challenged myself I was pleased to come across this on ebay. Its Item number 330158595520 and is a lowering kit for the Twin. It claims to be able to make the bike 30mm-50mm lower read on -[330158595520][/EBAY] Seat too high, can't touch the floor? Then we have the answer to...
  4. Speedo drive

    Africa Twin
    Its knackered. The plastic/nylon outer part has been chewed by the metal screw/cog part. Having cleaned the whole assemby and blown all the rubbish out with an air line, the metal screw/cog part moves vertically within the metal casing and appears to have been wearing on the casing itself...
  5. Dumb newbie questions volume 1

    Africa Twin
    Apologies in advance if some of these questions are a bit dumb (though I did warn you when I said hello :D). If you could give me the benefit of your experience that'd be much appreciated. I bought an RD04 recently and although it seems mechanically sound (from what I can tell being a newbie...
  6. Hi from Newbie......and dropped it already

    Hi Folks, Been lurkin' for a bit so time for introductions I think. Had the 'Alp for 6 weeks now (Black '05 with 6000 miles) and had great fun with it (bound to really - the predecessor was an Indian R.Enfield 350 with the full Trailie conversion - nice but 70 flat-out and vibration like you...
  7. Low Seat Comfort?

    Does anyone have any experience of the long-term (i.e. over several hours riding) comfort of the Honda low seat compared to the standard seat on a 650? Being somewhat vertically challenged I'd probably be better off with a low seat but am worried that the loss of height is achieved through loss...
  8. bloody wimmin!

    NEVER leave ya missis alone in the garage! missis b (my old lady) has been hankerin for a go on the 1200GS since the day it arrived, problem is her short fat hariy legs wont touch the floor! we tried lowerin the seat and the preload both ends but to no avail, she,s just to vertically chalenged...
  9. Ok, Ok, you guys win.....

    Other Bikes
    Have arranged a test drive of a KTM 950 for mid August in Manila. If I like it, will try for a 990, as they are currently out of stock. The force is just too strong to resist here....... though not enough to make me sell the @. Just one small (vertically challenged actually), niggling problem...
  10. cracked plastic :-(

    Africa Twin
    I've just discovered some nasty not so little cracks :cry: The two screws under the headlight cowl (RD07) that screw the side panel to the front cowl have got cracks running vertically upwards from them towards the headlights. I have not noticed these before and the bike is (nearly) new so...
  11. Givi Panniers

    Just finished fitting tha above, ready for the Dartmoor camping trip :D , to the TA with wingrack system, must say it wasn't hard, BUT how the **** are you suppose to get on the bike without catchin your foot on them every time. I'm not a giant like Chad but at 5'11" i've never really thought i...
  12. Handle Bars

    I noticed that my bars are about 1/4" off the tank on full lock. There is an inch or two of clearance against the aftermarket tall GIVI screen. Was the previous owner vertically challenged (short arse) so pulled the bars back or do they come out of the factory like this? Keith