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  1. Vfr 800 FI into a RD03

    Africa Twin
    Just wondering what my options are for an engine swap. My RD03 (650) is comming on to 95000km and its time to replace cam chains & tensioners..... Can get my hands on a VFR 800 FI for a fair price (way less than what the cam chain adventures gonna cost)...........
  2. For Sale: Honda VFR800Fix 1895 Lovely condition

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Take a peek at pics, etc over here
  3. For Sale: Honda VFR800Fix. Lovely condition. 24k miles. 1995pounds

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    See details here:
  4. Wanted: Honda VFR800

    For Sale / Wanted
  5. Honda VFR1200F Review

    Mechanical Advice
    Planning on buying my pals VFR1200F, has anyone had any experience with these. And feedback would be great.Honda VFR1200F
  6. RD07A weight on rear rack

    Africa Twin
    The manual states max 27kg load weight but only 10kg on the rear rack, understand the recommendation but I'm sure riders exceeded this limit =) The reason I wonder is that I'm interested in the 58l Trekker Outback, the manufacturer blinds the specifications like their football team dives but...
  7. For Sale: Krauser panniers K2 25 litre rack and brackets £130

    For Sale / Wanted
    Krauser panniers K2 LH 25 litre RH 30 litre rack and brackets £130 A pair of Krauser K2 panniers LH 25 litre and RH 30 litre with the ‘universal’ fitting brackets and rack. NOTE you will need to buy/make the fittings to connect the universal parts to your machine. I have the homemade fittings...
  8. VFR750FK now a classic

    Other Honda
    An early VFR750 was advertised locally so went to have a look and brought it. These early models can now be used on VMCC runs (over 25 years old) and insurance is cheap. I have owned a VFR400 and a VF500 in the past so an opportunity to try the real thing. It came with full touring equipment of...
  9. For Sale: 600cc Hornet

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Would anyone be interested in buying my Hornet? Will get pics up here later. It's a 2001 model in black with the bikini fairing and a top box. Lots of history with it and has mot until August(I think) sorned now as I have a VFR to play with. Would be looking for £995 for it?
  10. Is it possible to allow the RD07 to start clutch-in in-gear?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I would like the ability for the bike to start in-gear (with the clutch in). My 1998 VFR has this ability - I found it handy to be able to leave the bike in-gear with the engine off to hold on a hill when stopping momentarily, then to be able to re-start straight away by just pulling in...
  11. For Sale: Honda vfr800 FiY k&n power commander & o2 sensor eliminators

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda vfr800 2000 FiY k&n power commander & o2 sensor eliminators I have a k&n power commander and o2 sensor eliminators which were fitted to my honda vfr800 FiY year 2000 model bike and may fit others. I think it fits the 2001 non-vtec model but you would need to check. The k&n reference kit...
  12. Exhaust can for africa twin

    Africa Twin
    hi guys. i have a 1998 africa twin and the original exhaust is leaking so i would like to put a race can on it to hear the proper sound of the v twin. a friend gave me a can off a vfr 400, would it suit as i dont want it to effect its performance. also i need a barrel for one of the front forks...
  13. Breakdown Cover

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, Almost time for me to renew my insurance and breakdown cover. Yes I have so far survived almost a year. Now when I got my insurance last year and looked at breakdown cover I'm sure I read that bikes over 20 years old cant be covered? :( The other month in the car park some dudes VFR...
  14. VFR12/CT recall

    Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Just a heads up. I have seen several sources suggesting there's a recall out for the vfr1200f & X bikes, aparently the UJ in the shaft drive can unexpectedly fail resulting in locking up the rear wheel! The first reports of issues came several years ago so Honda haven't exactly been quick off...
  15. Hello

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hello Gents/ladies Just thought i would introduce myself as a new member. I bought my CRF250L six weeks ago after having both hips replaced and not being able to get on my VFR, and can honestly say i have not had so much fun (on a bike) before!. Luckily I'm only 15 minutes from Salisbury plains...
  16. For Sale: Honda heated grips

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale a full set of Honda 360 heated grip kit. part no 08t50-ewa-800c includes 2 x 360 heated grips controler & bracket wiring harness 5 sub harnesses genuine honda heated grip cement full instructions. These will fit most Honda modals (excluding st1300 & vfr 1200 ) I bought them for my...
  17. At it again!

    Bodgers Corner
    This time with the car. The new-to-us Mondeo has a duff boot release switch, you know the touch pad on the tailgate. A quick investigation shows the microswitch has terminal internal corrosion - all internal contacts fell to bits as soon as I touched them :( There are no suitably sized...
  18. Which one?

    Africa Twin
    Hello fellow lurkers, Having admired the AT for some time I'm thinking of taking the plunge and may be acquiring one! But which models is considered the best?....... (stands well back and awaits the slanging match to begin) ;) Obviously which ever model you have is the "best" as far as...
  19. Wanted: Long shot

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for my first XRV AT and was wondering if anyone would fancy swapping/PX theirs for my 97 Honda VFR750? Excellent bike, best all round bike I've every owned but the riding position is not suiting my knackered knee. :( If any ones interested please contact me for more details...
  20. How whiney is your Vara?

    Mine sounds similar to a bike with gear driven cams (VFR) etc... Why? Is there a fault? It rides fine..