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  1. Mechanical Advice
    Planning on buying my pals VFR1200F, has anyone had any experience with these. And feedback would be great.Honda VFR1200F
  2. Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Just a heads up. I have seen several sources suggesting there's a recall out for the vfr1200f & X bikes, aparently the UJ in the shaft drive can unexpectedly fail resulting in locking up the rear wheel! The first reports of issues came several years ago so Honda haven't exactly been quick off...
  3. Other Honda
    Hi all, I dont think we have thread yet about Honda's NC700X DCT on here so As I picked up a new one of them today as my new daily transport, I thought I start one... So here it goes: Having spend the last 4 months on the manual version of the NC700x and covering 1200miles - see thread First...
  4. News
    I had no idea what to expect from the Crosstourer. But no matter what I wrote about it, I knew what I could expect from comments on it’s not a new Africa Twin; Honda should make a new Africa Twin. Well, the Crosstourer is not the new Africa Twin. Its seat is comfortable, for a start...
  5. News
    Honda today confirms that the Crosstourer model unveiled as a concept at the 2010 EICMA show will go into mass production, and be revealed to customers at the 2011 EICMA show in November. 

 The Crosstourer combines sports touring features, such as the V4 engine configuration also found in the...
  6. News
    Honda has launched “a revolutionary new technology” Dual Clutch Transmission to allow motorcycle gear changes by hand instead of foot or that can be used as an automatic gearbox with two settings - relaxed and sport. The system offers a six-speed manual gear-select option in Manual...
  7. Chatter
    I have been sent a VIP invitation to attend the preview viewing of the Honda VFR1200F on evening of Feb 12th (refreshments served and a free draw). Also Honda will have on display a new CHOPPER the awesome VT1300CX Fury. Now I cant remember seeing a chopper on the road for years. Is this the...
1-7 of 7 Results