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  1. Bank Hoilday spin to Ribblehead Viaduct

    Great Roads/Routes
    Check out the blog on The TransAlp Tracey Brothers 73 miles, great roads and fantastic views... one for the evening spin at the meet in two weeks time.. TTB1 Dan
  2. RD04 and a blue TA Ribblehead viaduct 13/4/13

    As above, a pack of bikes came flying past on the way towards Hawes as I was stopped at the side of the road also in the pack were other adv type bikes but I wasn't quick enough to see what they were. Anyone off here?
  3. Galloway forest park 2013: which route?

    Austin's Adventures
    The first year we mainly went in the southern half of the forest. There were a couple of interesting tracks but mostly it was very easy and to be honest the scenery and views were only ok. The last 2 years we have in the northern half of the forest where the views are certainly better and the...
  4. Dales - Cracking Ride

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Beautiful weather for a ride, yet decided to ride my favourite Dales today Headed out from home towards Swaledale, via Leyburn - where I bumped into UKGSER Phooey - Chris and his wife Beth and chatted to them for a good while. Headed out over Grinton Moor Into Reeth and...
  5. A tourist in my own back yard.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I had to nip over to St Boswells today to deliver a couple of tins of biscuits to the mechanic who looks after my car (don't ask, it's a mate thing!) ;) so I decided to do a bit of touring when I left him and headed for Kelso. Kelso was quite busy for a weekday. Next I went over some of the...
  6. ride-out and camping in the lakes

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    me,craig,stuart and alan decided to brave the october weather and went camping over the lake district after a few beers and a huge curry the night before we set off from preston and stuart led us through some of his local roads and they were excellent... as we weedled our way towards the dales...
  7. Local run.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I was a bit of a Billy no mates today so I set off this morning with nowhere positive in mind. Went to Hawick, over by Bonchester Bridge and up to the Carter Bar and boy was it windy up there! :( Looking back into Scotland from the top. Took off down the A68 and headed for Otterburn then...
  8. GROK 2010 - Transalpage Annual Meet

    Hi All, Here are a few photos from our recent trip to the first annual French Transalpage GROK 2010 meeting in the Auvergne. Good people, good ride outs, great campsite and a good atmosphere... can't wait till next years event :D For others going to the Auvegne, this web site of...
  9. Millau or Bust!!

    Hi guys, Off to view the Millau viaduct in Sept with my mate, me on the Varadero while he will be on his Triumph Trophy. We intend to do Dover - Calais then travel down west of Paris and take 2 days to get there, then back up the east side of France, hopefully touching on a few different...
  10. belated photo's from France Sept 2009

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    first set of photos: Motobreaks fine entrance hall and building, plus Rocamadour and Millau Viaduct
  11. Pyrenees and Humm

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    So Mel and Myself book a week off and set off to the Pyrenees. After seriously good bacon butties and coffee at Stormforce and Annettes we head for Portsmouth and board the Ferry. Of course after viewing Mels amazing new build and chattin to Jonathon about its gizmos. Well done its a seriously...
  12. My Tour of Ulster

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Not quite a tour round Ulster but My Da is one of the organisers of the Tour of Ulster bicycle race and I often work as a Motorcycle Marshall assisting the police with rolling road closures and this year I decided I needed a weekend ride so went over for the craic. Left Norwich (my current...
  13. North West & North East Meet 31st August 2008

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A very very quick summary and few pics and . 9.00am Meet at Services at J31 M6. Me, Stanbloke, Airwolf and Mrs Airwolf, Shel750, and Piguglyshandydrinker. "spirited" ride to Settle via the some of the finest minor roads in the Ribble Valley. If any of you have ever followed Airwolf you will...
  14. HUMM 2008

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A few folk from this forum made the trip to the Pyrenees a couple of weeks ago for the Horizon's Unlimited Mountain Madness. Matt and I made a week of it, taking in a few days trail riding before the HUMM, and visiting the Millau viaduct on the way home. As ever these trips begin with a ferry...
  15. Don't mean to offend...........but

    Mechanical Advice
    what's the craic with those peaked 'elmets everyone's going on about, is it just a lifestyle/ image thing or are there some actual benefits, I just can't see my neck lasting along "windy alley" on the climb up Thelwall Viaduct :confused: