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  1. strange clicking sound

    Dominator / FMX
    i have just rebuilt my 92 dommie top end new followers,oilpump disaster. I have fitted everything back as itshould be however when turning the motor over on the crank to find the T mark. As i rotate the crank i can hear a "click" is this the cam actuating the decrompression plunger? should i be...
  2. new at 750

    Africa Twin
    I have at last found my AT 750 i am waiting for it to be deliverd as its too far away so bought unseen (by the naked eye) just hope its all as good as the pictures !! When i can i will attach a few pics but it will arrive later today cant wait ,hope some of you will cast an eye over the pics and...
  3. Chain care

    Product Reviews
    Anyone got views on this. Are chain oilers worth having for normal road use? Views appreciated
  4. Open consultation: Improving moped and motorcycle training

    Africa Twin Give your views by Friday 17 February 2017.
  5. Open consultation: Improving moped and motorcycle training

    Transalp Give your views by Friday 17 February 2017.
  6. Open consultation: Improving moped and motorcycle training

    Summary: Changes to moped and motorcycle training to make sure newly-qualified riders are better prepared for riding on modern roads. Should motorcyclists be able to upgrade their licence to ride larger bikes by taking a training course, instead of having to take more tests ? Give your views...
  7. Transalp bits wanted...

    posted here as it will get more views.. does anyone have... - one transalp mirror (from 600/650/700 - they're all the same) - transalp 600 tall screen (for 1993 onwards, "facelift" models) - transalp 600 centre stand (unless a 650 one will fit. does anyone know?) - front brake caliper...
  8. New Africa Twin - 'Users Views'.

    Africa Twin
    Unsure if this subject has been covered in any depth but its almost been a year since the launch of the new @T. So, 'users' will have had enough time to evaluate and assess the new bike's potential. I know there have been so many reviews written on this bike, but what I'm looking for is the...
  9. crf230 Gearing

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi there, Not a lot said in the forums about gearing on the CRF230f. I bought my bike ( a 2007 model ) with the standard 13/50 set up and I could not believe how low geared it was. I am now running 14/47 and it has transformed the bike and to make it even better I'm about to go for 15/47. Any...
  10. lithium 12v batteries.

    Africa Twin
    Anyone tempted, or uses one on their bike? Experiences or views ?
  11. Stainless or zinc plated etc.

    Africa Twin
    I'm canvassing views and experience of stainless fittings, bolts, clips etc vs plated ones. Some of the ATs bolts are completely corrosion free indicating stainless or great plating/passivating or what have you. Others haven't fared so well. Come rebuild time I want every fastener to have the...
  12. XL 700 VA chain life

    Hi all - my Transalp XL 700 VA needs a new chain kit after 7600 miles. Now, I think that is a very short life for a chain :(......any views? Regards, Anders
  13. nice low miles 600 Alp on ebay

    (these ebay posts seem to get a lot of views so i will continue with them, or maybe it's just me who's interested!) Honda Transalp 600 | eBay Low miles (27k), single disc front/rear model, heated grips, rear box looks quite tidy...
  14. Is the Dommie soft on suspension at the front?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi again. So I've had the Dommie for ten days and I'm wondering if anyone else thinks the suspension is all a bit squidgy? The front end dives loads under braking and the rear squats down under acceleration. My bike is 17 years old but from new has just 13000 miles. I suspect its all original...
  15. Getting excited for my first european trip.

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I depart on my A/T for my first european trip next weds.Portsmouth to St Malo,down to the Pyrenees to Pyrénées Motorcycle Tours | Pyrénées Motorcycle Tours, BandB, Gite, located in South West France, twisty roads, breathtaking views, stay with us for a memorable break for 4 nights then on to...
  16. What's your fave filter / carb / exhaust set up?

    Dominator / FMX
    It'd be interesting to hear different folk's views . . . Are you happy with the stock configuration or are you searching for the perfect setup? Have you done Dave's carb mods? K&N vs Honda air filter? Anyone installed a dynojet kit? Airbox mods? After market pipe? pumper carb? cheers Philippo
  17. which is best 650 or 700 looking for bike for wife.

    looked at 650 , think it would suit her better as lighter 191kg v 215kg but second hand prices for 650,s vary so much 2002 ...2350pounds? I saw advertised to 2006 high milers for 2700 pounds. Have seen low miler 2008 xv700 for 3495 pounds would appreciate views of experienced members primarily...
  18. Talk me in or out of it!

    Well after me up and coming annual flit over the bridge and blast around S.Wales I'm toying with moving my Bandit on! I fancy something I've not had before and currently thinking of either: Honda Dullville and an older DR350, and yes I know two very different tools for different jobs (and prob...
  19. Chinese TOURANCES................any good??

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Seems all the original spec Tourances are now made in China & not the Fatherland Are they ok, grip wise in the dry & more importantly the wet :) Jap Dunlops from yesteryear put the fear of god on me, still after 30 years Are the China Tourances ok ??? Let's have your views :)
  20. Ardnamurchan with ADVScotland

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Craig ( Largewayround ) Is holding a soiree at Strontian shortly, go to ADVSCOTLAND, join up and have a hooleee :D Here is some of the views you will see Across Loch Linnhe The Corran ferry, my saviour on a Friday afternoon :D The view from my compound I'm sure Craig wouldn't...