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  1. Remus Viper from RD07 to RD04?

    Africa Twin
    Hi everybody! I would like som help - do you know whether a Remus Viper exhaust from an RD07 will fit an RD04? Thanks!
  2. Batteries: How long do they last roughly?

    I have a 2010 XL700VA Transalp, with 28000 miles on the clock, that this morning didn't have enough life in the battery to start it. It hasn't been started in about a week which is the longest it has gone without being used in the short time I have owned it. It took a charge from the Oximiser...
  3. Bluetooth Helmet/Headset Compatibility?

    It is time to replace my long serving helmet, and I'm thinking of investing in a Bluetooth enabled helmet. I like the idea of listening to a few tunes and podcasts when I'm sat on the motorway, and also on the sunny day each year I like the idea of having a chat with her on the back. But, due to...
  4. For Sale: Africa Twin XRV750 RD07A 2002 Model excellent condition

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD SOLD SOLD Africa Twin XRV750 RD07A 2002 Model excellent condition SOLD Sadly Im selling the AT as it isnt getting used and would like it to go to a forum member ideally as its such a good example. Its on ebay at the moment item number 161381480584 This is from the advert. Im located in...
  5. Xlr 125 project winter

    Hi everybody :) I'm new to this forum and thought I'd say hi. I have a 2001 Honda xlr and thought I'd start a small progress thread. I know it's not an old xl but thought this was the best part o the forum to post in. I will upload some pics when I get near my computer but so far as the...
  6. Which type of Bluetooth hed set chaps

    Been asked by the Mrs what i want for Christmas and have no idea what i want as theres so much to choose from. New trials bike :rolleyes: New Air Rifle and Lamp ect ect ect. :rolleyes: So iv decided on a new helmet or bluetooth head set, and iv no idea what is any good or not. Iv looked at a...
  7. For Sale: 2001 Africa Twin for sale.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, Up for sale is my 2001 (Y reg) Africa Twin with 9.5k miles (still in use though so may be slightly higher). I have only had it for a little under a year and unfortunately its got to go to make way for other things. I bought it from my local Honda dealer who took it in p/ex from the...
  8. Just Helmets - 10% Discount to all XRV Subscribers

    Discounts / Deals
    Hi Dave Following up to your email below I am pleased to announce the launch of Motorcycle Helmets | Just Motorcycle Helmets | Motorcycles | Schuberth | Viper | Scorpion, the new helmet specific site from the Sound Distribution team. Already there are over 400 helmets from all the top brands...
  9. XR650R Which digital speedo???

    Just bought my 650 and as standard they have a clock reading in km/h. As i want to use the bike on and off road i nead a new clock. I've seen a few on ebay and the Viper digital one from the US looks pretty good. Has anyone fitted one of these?? Are they any good? Can anyone recommend any...
  10. MRA Vario Screen Position setting.

    Sorry to raise this one again. I know that screen issues on the Vara have been discussed countless times in here before! After following all the threads on here re Vara screens, and having tried the alternative Givi Flip screen, I invested and fitted the MRA Vario screen, as from the Info on...
  11. Cardo Rider FM & iPhone 3GS

    Mechanical Advice
    I bought one of these as a way to keep me awake on the bike on long motorway runs with as little power drain as possible and also to use the satnav on occasion. Installation is easy, mostlyl depending on your helmet thoough as it just clamps to your helmets side (or stick the pad as an option)...
  12. What's the point...?

    YouTube - 500bhp Millyard Viper V10 A Dodge V10 engine in a bike frame... Doesn't look very comfortable, the guy is stretching to get to the handlebars... I wonder how it corners (or IF it corners)??? :D:D JB
  13. For Sale: Kawasaki ZX6R 1997

    For Sale / Wanted
    G'day all, My mates selling his bike. I said I'd give it a bash on here. :) If interested give me a shout and I'll email you a pic. Russ Features: 25,715 miles Green 600 cc R reg (1997) Full Description: 25,715 miles, Kawasaki green,R reg, excellent performance,2 keys will be...
  14. a bit of research.....

    well iv been looking at new end cans ( after mine developed a nice whole and cannot be welded as the whole area around the lower clamp is rusted and rotten, by bike is only 2003 aswell :() been looking at a few makers and well lets just say theres no way im paying around £250 just for a new...
  15. My bodges so far

    Bodgers Corner
    This tool box is completly waterproof (so far) These are the frames I built to support my soft luggage, also the Viper end can was of a CBR600 I made the grill by drawing it out on a piece wood then knocking nails in it following my drawing, then just bent the steel bar round the jig and...
  16. Re: New members needs help

    Africa Twin
    Re: New members The Cheater Cheated! Thanks for the friendly invite as a new'en Dave. Having just bought an AT in Northern Germany, I left behind some slightly concerned, but moreover disbelieving German chums and rode it back to the UK one Saturday recently. I have tell you, I was...
  17. Lookout !! Tarka has arrived !!

    Hi everyone....I`ve just joined up by SPECIAL INVITATION 8) (There`s a very good reason why...and I`ll tell you in a moment ) I hope you`re sitting comfortably,because this may be the longest introduction you`ve ever read !! Who am I ?? -- I`m known to just about everyone as 'Tarka' , so...