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  1. Ride Reports and Pictures
    I'm off on an IBA ride in the morning it runs every year in memory of someone close to you the rider, I'm doing it in my dads name thou he died many years ago. I'm going to attempt a SS 2000 Gold which is 2000 miles in 36 hours. As I usual do on ride like these have a few backup ride that I...
  2. Chatter
    A friend told me of an incident on a visit to East Anglia last week. He's into local history, and visited a WW2 RAF museum in a small village. One room, no virtual reality displays, just authentic remnants from its time as a bomber base. They were looking at a navigation chart used on one of...
  3. Chatter
    Anyone else playing this? Virtual Rally Game - Virtual Dakar 2011 official online race I'm loosing big time to my boy!
  4. Chatter
    Ok folks I love nothing better than a good movie or DVD, but I wouldn't call myself a movie buff. To rival the server busting Virtual Jukebox, I thought I'd start this thread, so people can post up links to trailers, clips, or even a synopsis of their favourite movies. They don't have to...
  5. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Tired of Winter wind and SNOW? TA ke this quick virtual summer trip to get rid of those blooos. :) :happy2:
  6. Chatter
    OK guys, as I am not able to get out I need to do a bit of virtual riding. So the rules, you post where you want the journey to go next, it has to be realistic and follow from the previous post. If you want to go overseas you have to get there via a realistic trip. You are able to post 2...
  7. Chatter
    Ok team, we are leaving on an overland trip. it's going to be some where remote but we might pass through a few towns, villages and maybe a city or two. On the bike we have two 43liter panniers and a Medium Ortileb waterproof bag to go on the back. You are to suggest only one item that will...
  8. Chatter
    its a pain to look at the new threads to find its just that jukebox malarky again
  9. Chatter
    The song you select must have at least one word in the title or artist from the previous selection. For Example: Give It Away - Red Hot Chilli Peppers It must be Love - Madness Love In An Elevator - Aerosmith Remember the word can be from the previous title or artist.
1-9 of 11 Results