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  1. LHV 59P where are you now?

    LHV 59P, you started my love affair with two wheels. You gave me my independence, and the ability to roam further than I ever had before. I loved you, pimped you (RD50 mag wheels) but then sold you :(:mad: I want you back. Sound and vision -David Bowie - YouTube The very first bike I...
  2. Vision X Solstice

    Hi Peeps Just had 2 of these fitted and they are great I have 2 questions regarding the orientation of the diffuser lenses that they came with Should the lines on the lenses be vertical or horizontal? (at present they are horizontal) Can they be changed around? - I took the screws out of the...
  3. Top Tip - Visor Cleaning

    Evening After nearly 17 years, a mate and I were discussing the joys of riding in the sh1t weather we have been having recently, I was complaining about poor vision, when he suggested 'Pledge', the furniture polish. I thought why not? The results are amazing, why I have never done this...
  4. " New Toy " Time to be Seen ......

    Africa Twin
    Right still getting cocks in cars pulling out on me and generally getting the gormless look afterward ... and thats before i take the mirror off or apply size 11 Sidi crossfires down the rear quater :teeth: Side ive brightened things up somewhat front and rear :D So 2 900 lumin spots on the...
  5. BSB at Brands Hatch

    Did any of you watch this weekends great BSB races? Well I was thinking of popping along to Brands Hatch on the Saturday 13th October, to watch the practice and the first BSB race of the three remaining. The final two will be on the Sunday, but Sunday will be mobbed so I will watch that on TV...
  6. Vision X LED lamp size small.

    A new (at least to me) Vision X Solo Pod Mini using LED's Not that expensive either. I think they are not that good at throwing light on the road, but they should work wonders for making yourself seen by the cardrivers. There are three models XIL-MX110 with 10° spread, XIL-MX140 with...
  7. Anyone use BT Vision

    I changed my broadband to BT yesterday and they are offering massive reductions on Vision. A few things, currently, where we are, we cannot get Freeview. Right, whilst we might not go with it, I cannot currently see the benefits. I'm not interested in the Sports, Music or Kids packages and the...
  8. Vision

    Mechanical Advice
    With the onset of slightly colder weather and darker nights I am battling with my pinlock visor. 1. Double glasing on the visor great! :thumbup: But my glasses are fogging up due to the cold vs warm thing. 2. When I raise my visor to unfog my specs it is like the blessed mirical of the...
  9. R/W/B vision in my rearview mirror

    Any of you guys follow a green s type Jag down A20 Wrotham hill saturday evening? Y reg bike it was, joined M20 coast bound at bottom of hill. Nice looking bike - just like mine!