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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    realflight G4 remote control flight sim now sold SOLD This is brilliant I really enjoyed playing this and very much like flying the real thing but I upgraded to window 7 and it wont play on my computer now so the operating system you need is Windows XP or Vista. Practise using this will save...
  2. Product Reviews
    Mrs just bought me a new whizzbang Samsung laptop for Christmas. Wow! Windows 8, lightning fast, miles and miles better than my old Vista Dell Awkward. Now, if only I could find where to put the paraffin in, I'll be cooking with gas (??) Jock :clown:
  3. Chatter
    Dilemma My errr huherrrm "Trial" version of Windows Vista got zapped by Microsfot yesterday, so I am now faced with a dilemma. I am (now) happy to buy some software, but am a bit confused on what to get. Bear in mind that my new laptop doesn't have a sticker on it with a Key or COA. It...
  4. Transalp
    Just wanted to share the RAM mount setup I chose for my Garmin Vista HCx GPS unit. I hope it proves useful to someone... RAM parts used: 1. Base with 9mm hole and 1" ball (part nr. RAM-B-272U) 2. Socket arm with octagon socket (part nr. RAP-B-200-1U) 3. Diamond base with octagon button (part...
  5. Varadero
    Just picked one up unused for a bargain price of 10 quid :thumb: and about to get the tools out at the weekend. Anybody fitted one on an FI Vara?
  6. Chatter
    I have recently replaced my computer with a more modern up-to-date one which has Windows Vista installed. WHAT A LOAD OF CR*P. Nothing but problems. To top off a long line of problems, today the CD/DVD writer decided to stop working - some kind of device conflict. Do you know what the...
  7. Africa Twin
    I have for sale a gramin etrex vista gps that I used only for a couple of times. It is in excellent condition and comes with all accessories and instructions plus a car dashboard mount and the garmin protective pouch. Check it here Please not that it...
1-7 of 8 Results