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  1. Volkswagen exhaust tip problem

    Hi all. I fitted volkswagen beetle tip to my bike tonight which has reduced the sound loads but now it wont run without any choke. has anyone else come across this.
  2. Sure you seen this...

    YouTube - Volkswagen Commercial: The Force good,now watch this.... YouTube - Little Thor :toothy4::toothy4::toothy4::toothy4:
  3. Hi from Barcelona!!

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all! As I said, I'm from Barcelona. I like so much everything which has an engine on it, but particulary oldtimmers. I own a '90 Honda NX650 Dominator and I always thought that this machine could be modified into a 70s style like people from wrenchmonkees do to his bikes, but never know...
  4. More thoughts on motorcycle emissions

    More thoughts on motorcycle emissions Being the sad geek I am I’ve been monitoring quite accurately my fuel consumption on the TA. The current most accurate figures are an overall mean of 46 mpg this year. This is all my riding, which is predominantly city rush hour, local shopping trips...
  5. Honda XLV 750R: my project (November 2004)

    Other Bikes
    A bike which I really miss at this Forum is the Honda XLV 750R with shaft propulsion, like BMW's GS and the Moto Guzzi Quota. It is a real classic and since it is very rear, if you could get your hands on one... Buy it, and keep it! It is a rear Honda big trail bike, only imported for two years...