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  1. Digital voltmeter fitting

    Africa Twin
    I'm going to fit a small digital voltmeter to the A/T and am going to mount it above the Tripmaster,where do you think it would be best to pick up a safe switched 12v supply from local to that area?
  2. Battery or rectifier

    Africa Twin
    I'm having problems with my heated grips They keep switch off when I switch the lights on. I've put a voltmeter on the battery and its measuring around 8v and around 10 when started. It always starts the bike and never goes flat . Could it be the rectifier/regulator
  3. How to fit this?

    How to.....
    What's the best way to fit one of these? I want to fit it so it is similar to the trip computers that come on RD07's and later RDO4's- i have an early RD04. It's a 5 function voltmeter, i thought it would be good to have a temperature gauge for travelling as well as a voltmeter.
  4. Reg/rec?

    Africa Twin
    Last summer when I was riding my @ I kept getting a dead battery when riding with lights on. I changed the battery, but the problem persisted. I dragged her out today and went for my first spin of the year, on my return I got the voltmeter out and got the following readings: Idle- lights off...
  5. Voltage

    Mechanical Advice
    I really, REALLY don't understand electricity. The car has a voltmeter that is showing about 11V when the car is running. Putting the multi-meter across the battery terminals shows 12.10 at rest and 11.30 when running. Can there be any other explanation than that the alternator's shot? Thank...
  6. Clock, voltmeter and temperature gauge

    Here's a 16 euro mod, all the way from Hong Kong in 8 days. Mounted it under the screen. It's run off a watch battery, and then the voltmeter and rear light are powered by connecting it to the lighting circuit, i.e when I switch on my lights....the screen gets lit up too. The voltmeter has a...
  7. Voltmeter

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, I've been giving a cute little volt meter and wondered if I can fit it to my RD07 to keep an eye on the battery... I've got an auxiliary elec box connected. Many thanks to this web site so could I use that? the only thing is the power supply needs to be seperate from the Measuring input...
  8. Voltmeter Fitted

    Africa Twin
    OK Voltmeter fitted. Please see below. Many thanks for all who contributed with advice especially Tarka and GSPD750. I wanted the voltmeter to be permanently on so I could glance at it in the middle of the winter when the bike is effectively in storage. I notice on the wiring diagram...

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, I decided to fit a voltmeter to the twin after having to purchase my third battery. I know I'm a fair weather rider wimp but dispite the occasional charge over winter the battery never seems to make it. So.......... My question is does anyone have any tips on fitting and wiring in a...