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  1. Dommie Battery Voltage

    Dominator / FMX
    Dead Dommie, no lights nothing. Batt 12.8 volts disconnected. 2 volts connected with ignition on. Drops to 1 volt if i press horn etc. is the battery duff or could something else be causing this. Cheers.
  2. varadero voltage check

    Mechanical Advice
    hi i have a 1999 xl 1000 can you help at the battery i have 13.4 volts with no ignition or lights when i start her i have 14.4 volts and the same with the side lights on and when i start her and turn on the head lights on low beam i only have 12.4 is this ok or what should i check
  3. Oxford heated grips - new switch

    Mechanical Advice
    I was talking to a techie guy on the Oxford stand atteh NEC about the new switch I had ordered for my heated grips. I asked if it was true that they auto-turned off after a period if the engine wasn't running. Its true. :cool: They have a sensor to detect when voltage drops below 11.5v...
  4. XL 600R money pit ?

    Other Bikes
    I've got a 600 trail bought recently without a battery, when I got it home and checked the voltage there's only about 8 volts output from the alternator and when revved the voltage drops to about 6volts.I've measured the resistence of the alternator windings and they're just about within...
  5. Attaching a computer fan to the rectifier?

    Africa Twin
    I've know that some people have had problems with their rectifiers going, and was wondering if anyone knows if this is to do with heat they might generate or something else? I don't have this problem myself at the moment, but I'll be putting my bike back together quite soon (finally - thank...
  6. Not charging properly...

    Mechanical Advice
    Over the last few weeks I've had a problem with the battery on my Varadero not charging properly. It's a brand new Bosch battery, and I'm sure that it's okay. I'm not sure if the electrical system is doing its job though! When idling with lights off, I measure 13 volts across the terminals...
  7. tad crazy and need help

    hey! well i had a Varadero now just the mk1 engine 125cc carbs! i wanted to put it on a go kart and after loseing the keys after the crash i have had to mod the wireing a tad! i have striped it right back just to the voltage regulator fuse box and where the power goes to the batt! i have 3...
  8. Flat Battery/Voltmeter

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, A few weeks back a few of you may have followed my thread to get advice to fit a voltmeter to the AT. I have had a repeated problem with my battery going flat as I’m a fair weather rider. I fitted the voltmeter and it worked fine showing 13 volts with the new battery. I...
  9. daytime headlight replacement

    After changing the head light bulb and seeing what a pain it was, i decided i wanted to extend the life of my bulb and improve battery charging rates by switching it off, job done with a switch and relay, but what about during the day? some light would be nice, so i decided to get some 3 watt...
  10. Newbie...but the thing won't start!

    Africa Twin
    Well, I got myself the AT I was looking for - black 1999!!. (thanks for your top tips Chad and Pooh :thumbup:) It runs like a dream and I am really pleased with it....:p But now it won't start having not moved for a couple of weeks :confused: . Thought I'd get some expert help if it was...
  11. The beast

    Thats right more power than most can handle :!: Well there will be once I put my c90 engine in then convert it to 12volts. This is the pop round to the shop bike you know you want one :shock:
  12. HELP !! ...No Ignition, bike wont start....

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all. Just went to start the dommie....nothing. No neutral light. No sidestand light. All dead. I've checked all fuses and they're all OK. Put my meter on the battery and thats registering 12 volts. I'm just stripping all the fairing off to try and check if there is continuity to the...
  13. Facet 40105 Fuel Pump electical connection.

    Africa Twin
    I installed the Facet 40105 Fuel Pump and running great. Had problems with my old AT pump contacts gone and almost killed the battery. (Died @ 23 k miles) on my 1999 Africa Twin. My question: I wired the Facet pump to the Cut Out relays’ originally used for the old pump And if I measure the...
  14. Electrical Problem - can anybody please help

    Africa Twin
    Hi I'm new to this website - I've been using it for the last few weeks but now I need to use it as I need HELP!!!! My problem is an electrical fault, the bike is an 03 ATV with 10,000 miles on the clock. Its only 2 months out of warranty but isnt that always the case! 3 batteries, 1...
  15. Its done it again

    Africa Twin
    Went to start the bike last Sunday. Battery flat. jump started it then checked the charging rate, less than 12 volts. Every earth point and both battery terminals cleaned, slight inprovement when charging with no load, when lights switched on charging rate drops down to just over 12 volts...
  16. What does a regulator do !!!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi All , Im hoping the engineers amongst you, which appears from the job descriptions posted recently seems to be a lot, might be able to answer the following query: When my 99 @ is ticking over with no lights on the battery charges at about 12.9 volts going up to about 13.5 when the engine is...