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  1. Chatter
    Is a cracker. :p Just back from Uni, working in a shop up the road for the hols. Only a small shop, they have one till which is self service only. she only goes and alters the language when she sees a "suspect" coming in the shop. :lol: She can alter to German, Polish and Spanish. She reckons...
  2. Chatter
    I'm trying to fix a volume control for a Creative speaker set and I need to replace the variable resistor. Anyone any idea where I can get this part from ? I've tried looking on the 'net, but so far i haven't found anything. Any help/suggestions gratefully received.
  3. Varadero
    What's the fork oil volume in an xl1000 ('02 plate), and what would the standard oil weight (is that the right term) ? Carrying me round it feels a little soft, I think I'll go up an oil when I get it done.
  4. XL
    Hi , I am rebuilding a XL 100S 1980 thats been in the family for about 30 years and am having problems fillin the forks with oil. Haynes says 120cc per leg of ATF with this amount legs are very solid tried with 100 cc and still the same Is there air trapped or is this the wrong volume of oil...
  5. Dominator / FMX
    Having blown a fork seal on my Scrapheap NX, I am going to replace them. I was wondering if anyone knows the weight and volume of the oil required in a Dominator's forks. I did a search and nothing came up and I don't have a manual for the old girl. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers ****
  6. Transalp
    hi all, still being very new to the 650 i'm looking for tank bag recommendations. it should be: about 15L volume (small to medium size) should have a map pocket on top waterproof ! not interfere with the steering the bike is blue. i'm also considering a matching tank cover. any...
  7. Suzuki
    Hey there, having tremendous problems trying to quieten down my DR :( It used to have a twin can set up that was too loud, so I took it off and now have a reverse cone mega fitted (it was just spare in the shed) and I can't figure out any way to make it quiet! Short of spending loads on a proper...
  8. Africa Twin
    Apologies in advance if some of these questions are a bit dumb (though I did warn you when I said hello :D). If you could give me the benefit of your experience that'd be much appreciated. I bought an RD04 recently and although it seems mechanically sound (from what I can tell being a newbie...
1-8 of 8 Results