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  1. Trail riding on a GSXR 1000

    A friend pointed me in the direction of this - I think you'll enjoy this. Baron von Nightmare - GSXR Off Roading... - YouTube It certainly appealed to me after my weekend attempt, I'm glad I saw it afterwards
  2. Baron Von Grumble

    Gsxr 1000 off road :D Baron von Nightmare - GSXR Off Roading... - YouTube Part 1 GSXR Off Road damage update - YouTube Part 2
  3. Some Airheads

    I thought I just share some pictures capturing a bunch of Airheads, that I found on the net. For more info go to: - Von do no do - ein G/S Umbaubericht
  4. Edward Tudor Pole & Tamara Beckwith

    Tunnel of Love - Cafe Racer - Kurzfilm von 1977 um das Thema Motorrad und Sex - kultig Video.flv - YouTube Well worth the 12 min. it takes to watch IMHO.
  5. Happy Birthday to Von Short Hausen

    Have a great day and behave yourself. 10 years old indeed.:D:D:D
  6. Chad von Borg......and his fiendish plan for world domination!

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Had my first go on a KTM last night..........courtesey of mr chad! thank you old bean and :thumb::thumbleft: :thumbright: to your good lady for the shepherd's pie and apple pie n custard (which kept the old chill from the bones until I got home after 2am!). The bike...