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  1. In or out?

    Are you guys voting to leave Europe or stay in? I just realised that if you leave Europe,I will have to start paying 25% import tax and vat on my bike parts if I order them from blighty.:(:(:( What are you going to vote, in or out and do you believe all the bow locks the politicains are talking...
  2. Let's Vote on a Screen Deflector (or not)!

    Right, I think we'd all agree that our beloved Trannie's (mines called Trinny by the way) have the very real potential to give us a right royal headache if the screen set up isn't right. Long and short of it is the last 6-700 miles I rode were ok, but could have been better. Very briefly, I...
  3. Vote Common Sense

  4. XRV Photo competition

    The long winter and disappointing Spring has no doubt curtailed some of the early riding season activities but hopefully most of us are getting some decent riding in now. That being the case I would like to remind everyone that the XRV Photo Competition is up and running and I urge everyone to...
  5. Did you vote for Mrs Thatcher ? Yes or No

    Did you vote for Mrs Thatcher ?
  6. Poll: Should we reschedule the 2013 trip

    Austin's Adventures
    I buggered up the polls and there were two threads which I have now merged, so some things may be out of order, but I thought it worth keeping it all in one place. Given the weather conditions in Galloway and the remote prospect of a thaw it may be prudent on safety and enjoyment grounds to...
  7. More stupidity......

    ... this time from the Irish - admittedly in the back end of beyond in County Kerry - Irish Council in Kerry to relax drink-drive limit. And reported on the RTE website - Kerry Council passes drink-drive permit motion. In essence they want the law changed so that the legal alcohol limit for...
  8. Photo competition for 2014 calendar

    Please see below copy of post from Charity board... Whilst many of us have snow covered drives and gardens, it isn't an obvious time to be arranging a photo competition and calendar, but its good to get the ball rolling early in order to gain some decent momentum by the Spring. Having had a...
  9. Stupidity at its worst

    Stupidity at its worst. Our (Overpaid and brainless) politicians here in Sweden have decided that in the name of equality between the sexes, the words he (han) and she (hon) shall be substituded with the neutral word "Hen". I know I'm getting old, and my ideas are not proactive enough but I...
  10. Cheeky, I know, but...please vote for us!

    My colleague and I have been nominated for an Enterprise award for a research project that we did with Leicestershire Constabulary on Mobile Data Technologies. To win we need as many votes as possible, so I'm hoping that some of you nice XRV peeps might be able to support us. I can't promise...
  11. Galloway 2012

    Austin's Adventures
    Sorry I have been a bit slow organising this year's event but I have been focused on my own big trip this year. Anyway I think I can fit it in as all the hard work is now done. This is supposed to be a poll for the preferred date. Never done one before. Please vote to help me make up my...
  12. Smiley overhaul

    Can we?....Please:) We really need a fishing rod, for instance.....:hitler: Is there an 'deranged tosser'smiley (shall I send in my passport picture?....or have GSers already got one) :-D And a 'peace and love' smiley..... And the 'roll eyes' and 'confused ' could be a lot better...
  13. Tory Party Conference

    I listened to the Chancellor yesterday before I went to work and I've listened to some of it again today. Well, all I can say is I'm voting for them again next time after hearing what was said today. The biggest bit of common sense I've heard for a long time: "Getting rid of the Human Rights...
  14. Tuition fees - vote passed

  15. I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here VOTE

    Yes, yes, yes, I'm a saddo, I don't need a million hairy ar$ed bikers to tell me. I haven't had a telly since dinosaurs roamed the earth, but there are still a few programmes I enjoy watching, and "I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here" is one of them. So, if you're watching it, who do you...
  16. another Vote for Sillett Tyres in Aberdeen

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Was out at the weekend on the wee Alp escorting Barry on his trip up to the National.. I had swapped out the front wheel as I thought it needed balancing.. Still had a bit of a vibration on the bike.. Barry commented that my rear wheel looked buckled... checked it wheel fine tyre quiffy...
  17. The Longest Day 2010 Charity Vote

    Right then lads and lasses, the vote for which charity we ride for closes in just over a day and there are only 23 votes, now I know that there are more than 23 members on this site so come on get your backsides into gear and vote for your preferred charity...
  18. Please vote for me...

    Africa Twin
    I have a survey about tyre brands on my blog. If you have a time please vote by using the link below... Thanks...
  19. Another vote for Wemoto

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Reg/rec died at the National so limped home with no battery charge on Sunday. Ordered online Monday, arrived Tuesday. :thumbup: Can't say fairer than that.
  20. Vote for July's winner of the photo competition

    Mini XRVs
    Right guys - the theme for July was STONES :D Have a look at the pics that people on the adult board submitted. What picture do you like the best? Have a chat among yourselves and pick a winner. Theres no 2nd and 3rd place - just a winner :thumbright: Number 1 Number 2 Number 3...