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  1. In or out?

    Are you guys voting to leave Europe or stay in? I just realised that if you leave Europe,I will have to start paying 25% import tax and vat on my bike parts if I order them from blighty.:(:(:( What are you going to vote, in or out and do you believe all the bow locks the politicains are talking...
  2. Tory Party Conference

    I listened to the Chancellor yesterday before I went to work and I've listened to some of it again today. Well, all I can say is I'm voting for them again next time after hearing what was said today. The biggest bit of common sense I've heard for a long time: "Getting rid of the Human Rights...
  3. Voting

    I know who I'm voting for in the next general election...Just look at this manifesto!!!!
  4. voting with feet

    after having yet another thread removed I am voting with my feet and will no longer be using this site. I know that most people wont care but I joined this forum for advice on my @ and found it to be a forum full of chatter and banter but of late certain people have decided that if a joke is at...