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  1. Vstrom 650 or Tracer 700 or NC750X??

    I am looking for a "do it all" bike, to replace the Transalp (London ULEZ has kiboshed it's use) and the R1200RT. I am looking at the Vstrom 650, the Tracer 700 or the NC750X I have ridden the NC750X recently and it was good. I rode the VStrom a while back, but can't remember anything about...
  2. Farewell

    After many years I've decided to change bike away from the Honda stable. I would like to thank all those who contributed or commented on any of my posts. You've been a really helpful bunch of people. FYI i've just bought a new 2017 VStrom 650, not the xt version. Reallly nice bike, I'll miss...
  3. Buying a Transalp

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and to motorcycling for that matter. I have always wanted to buy a transalp, for various reasons. Question though, do you guys think it makes sense to buy one now given the fact that it is out of production? Would it make more sense to go for something like the...
  4. Centre Stand

    Africa Twin
    I've riden lots of bikes in the past & most have had centre stands, but the one on my RD07A has beaten me! My last bike was a Vstrom & that seemed to have a short piece sticking out at the bottom... apply weight & up it went. But on the AT there is no bit sticking out & no amount of heaving...
  5. Using a bike computer (sigma) as a replacement for a trip meter

    Africa Twin
    I have been reading on ADV that a lot of vstrom owners put sigma bike computers on their bikes as the speedo on a vstrom is crap. Anyway I need a trip meter replacement and been looking at the sigmas but the gap between the spoke magnet and the recurved is 1/2 an inch Max. Can any manner be used...
  6. Another tick moment

    I've been a bit of a test ride monkey of late, love my Transalp, but the lack of 'image' has seen me test ride a Harley Sportster, Triumph Scrambler, Ducati Monster. Even tried more practical bikes like the CB500x, the NC700x, the 750X, and VStrom. Through about going back to a big retro naked...
  7. 2-up on a 660?

    I am planning on renting a bike in Corsica for a few days, with probably around 3 days of 2-up touring. It appears I can get a Yam 660 for a LOT less money than a vstrom (which I know is dead comfy 2-up, cos I've got one) or NC700X. Without me posting pics of the missus' ras, can anyone offer...
  8. Honda nc700x vs suzuki dl650 vstrom

    You'll never get a more comprehensive write up than this.......Probably. :) :confused: Compare Honda motorcycles NC 700 X vs Suzuki DL650 V-Strom: Ready for the X? If only I could understand English. :confused: :hitler:
  9. Transalp Prices

    My Son has passed his test and wanting an Adventure bike it looking at Transalps, F650GS and Vstrom. On the Transalp front what sort of age and condition of bike is he likely to get for around £2500?
  10. The New 2012 V Strom 650 - Anyone ?

    Anyone got any thoughts on the new 650 Vstrom fitted with the FI Gladius engine ? I never really liked the look of the old model - a bit kind of 1980's shoulder pad looking !!! or is that just me?? But I had a wee swatch at the new model sitting in the dealers in Ayr and I have to say I was...
  11. V-Strom adds guards and panniers

    Suzuki is launching an “XPedition” version of its V-Strom 650 with an aluminium sump guard, engine and hand guards and black aluminium panniers. The XP is based on the V-Strom 650 ABS model The panniers have a total carrying capacity of 82 litres The recommended retail price is £7,300, The...
  12. First Impressions of my 700 TA v V-Strom

    Well, I've had my TA for a week now and done my commute to London from the Island. These are my first impressions - if I'm wrong in any of this, no doubt I'll be corrected! I came from a V-Strom 650 which I had got when I downsized from a series of BM GSs. I'm very fond of V-Stroms and reckon...
  13. vara or vstrom?

    help! the better half wants me to sell my x reg transalp and buy something bigger. i seem to be torn between a varo and vstrom 1000, any advice on whats best for general comfy days riding and odd long haul? thanks
  14. V-Strom DL650 Technical help?

    Hey guys, can someone please give me some advice on something. My bike slid out from under me, on an ice patch, after I left for work. Only minor damage, thank god for the engine guards, but now it won't start. I have power and when I turn it on and off there's this rapid clicking...
  15. V-Strom v Varadero - which is best?

    I think the time may be quickly approaching to sell my @. Although I like it, it´s not really very good for 2-up touring (and 99% of my riding is 2-up). What I need is a bike that will: 1. be good for 2-up touring (and general riding) 2. be reasonably cheap if I go for an older model, as I...
  16. 650 Vstrom - ideas?

    just bought a beautifal Vstrom on fiance from edinburgh and getting it on the 19th of june. the ABS model. couldn't afford the GT but really like some of the extras with it. i'm wanting barkbusters, heated grips and a centre stand definately. but is there anything else that may be suggested i...
  17. Any V-Strom Riders here

    Hi all, any V-Strom/KLV Riders?
  18. DL 1000 K7GT V-STROM For sale /px

    For Sale / Wanted
    hi ,ive got an 07 1000 vstrom that id need to either sell or px with a cheaper bike (transalp would be nice):thumbright: Its done 6200 miles and has fsh with 9 months warranty remaining. Great bike with lots of extras including panniers,topbox,centrestand,heated grips,adj screen,scott...
  19. Transalp 700 vs Versys 650 vs V-strom 650

    I've spent the last couple of weekend testriding these three bikes, thought it might be worth a quick write-up. I currently ride an FMX and want a bike more comfort and speed. Having tried the Versys last weekend and enjoyed the bike, but not the cramped riding position, my intention has been...
  20. V-Strom

    Other Bikes
    One of these caught my eye on the car park the other day… have any of you had any experience of them? I liked the look of it and it pretty much suits my criteria.... is it the TL motor by chance? ty