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  1. Transalp
    Hello, Does anyone has an idea from where to buy the linkage bearing kit for the VX 600 transalp? I cannot find it anywhere...except on CMSNL, it's a bit expensive but at least it could have the parts, but any other solution do you guys know? Thanks Radu
  2. Africa Twin
    What's the closest chain which matches the DID 525 V8 Chain It's a standard genuine chain for the at. It's got smaller links compared to the DID 525 vx
  3. Africa Twin
    My nice new DID 525 VX-GB-124 X ring chain and chain tool turned up today. I must say the chain looks very nice (and greasy) and the chain splitter and riviting tool looks the dogs, VERY heavy duty!! Just need a rear sprocket and then I'm cooking on gas!!:thumbup:
  4. Mechanical Advice
    I've been looking at the DID 525VX chains. They do two different types. Standard and Gold and Black. I love the look of the Gold and Black one, but noticed its cheaper than the Standard version. I thought the difference would just be in the look, but the price difference says otherwise. Does...
  5. Africa Twin
    Anyone else had the following symptom / problem when using DID's VX Gold & Black replacement for the V8 chain? Apparently this VX chain is all that is available from DID for the AT, even though the DID web site states that the VM2 spec chain is the one for the AT! Wemoto state that the VX is...
1-5 of 5 Results