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  1. For Sale: Draggin jeans, combat style (dark sand) 30" waist - £35 posted

    For Sale / Wanted
    comes with removable knox knee armour, great condition, never taken a spill, cost me £119. cheers
  2. Lesser Weever fish NASTY CRITTERS!

    Just like to share the fact that I have had the misfortune of standing on one of these v nasty sh ty things today down at our local beach! NOT TO BE RECOMMENDED IT beeeeeeep hurts!!!!!!!!!!!! Lived nearish to the sea all my life and never stood on one before! Apparently they bury into the sand...
  3. Hein Gericke Cruise GTX Goretex Jacket

    Product Reviews
    I had this jacket recommended to me when I had to do an exchange in Hein Gericke on a previous jacket and overall I'm really pleased with it. I guess it may help to describe the type of rider I am and what I am generally looking for in a jacket. I do about 20-25 thousand miles per year and I...
  4. Hein Gericke Clothing

    Hi everyone does anyone own a pair of T.R.G. RALLYE LC3 Pants . I have ordered a pair size large from the local H.G. shop but they did not know what waist size they are . I am 34 inch waist 34 inch leg will they fit . fw750x:confused:
  5. BLOBs "big lads on bikes"

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, Ive been off the scene for a wee while, as I was made redundant from my leftie youth work job but now have a real job, at least I have to wear a suit to work and not play as much pool as usual. But I need a pair of textile over trousers I can wear over the suit( I already use the Hein...
  6. Foreign sizes

    Mechanical Advice
    Never bought anything in these foreign sizes, so what does and 42inch chest equate to and a 34inch waist?
  7. Riding style; supermoto or superbike?

    Mechanical Advice
    Not long passed my test and I'm picking up riding tips all the time. Read the various mags avidly and try out the techniques, although I guess a TA isn't quite what the bike journos have in mind when writing articles on body positioning etc. Mostly I've been reading and trying roadracing style...
  8. numbers rising

    just noticed that we now have nearly 1800 members :eek: how cool is that....getting bigger all the time:D just like my waist line;)
  9. Salisbury Plain - 14 January 06

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last minute decision to hit the Plain. Thought it was about time since I have been living here about 3 weeks now. Colin rocked up at 1215 on his Yammy TT, had a brew and we took off. Needless to say, it turned out to be an adventure - felt like Dr Foster who went to Gloucester - puddles right...