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  1. Tank bag

    Bodgers Corner
    Why do tank bags have poxy, small map pockets or more infuriatingly a decent size pocket that has a small opening....? Anyway, my new to me Givi tanklock bag is the latter, I'm just able to get a small tuff map in there (can you still get them?) Talk about wood for the trees. A walkers map...
  2. any Scottish alpine walkers/climbers on here......

    hi is there anyone in the Aberdeen area who knows a thing or two about alpine walking and climbing? reason i ask is i am wanting some second hand boots off ebay and its hard to tell the condition in the photos, so seeing if anyone round there could have a look for me and report back? any help...
  3. Walkers being a nuisance

    Shamelessy pinched from another forum:
  4. Ian Walkers Round Britian Coast Ride 2007

    Past Charity Events
    Hi to all at, :thumb: Great site have spent ages looking around, so its about time i put in a post. My name is ian walker i live in a small village called shebbear in north devon, my trusty ride is a 1988 honda transalp, never let me down but thats good old honda build for you. I...