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  1. Africa Twin
    Dear all, I am about to make me a couple of touratechish pannier brackets for my africa twin. (rd07 from '99) i can't seem to find the dimension of the racks, i know they're 18mm with 2mm thick walls but how wide and high?? I'll post some pics later on, thanx peeps
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    ........... Yes , it's easy-peasy , lemon squeezy!! I can take the big chap with one hand behind my back - simple ...... Watch and learn ........................ how the Wee blokes , reduce the big blokes to quivering wrecks ................... All you do...
  3. Mechanical Advice
    Anyone fanciy a head torch? Excellent when camping, almost essential if you break down in the dark, also great when working in a dimly lit garage. The Silva L3 is pretty good. We've had a wee bit of snow, so this has been getting me home from the bus stop. That doesn't sound like a big...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Or be stopped! disgust. Returned to quiet village apparently not so quiet any more to see my folks last night. I then popped to see some freinds who were doing the same. On returning to my folks I found the neighbours wall half kicked over with a big plant pot strewn all over the road...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
  6. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Working from home today, so I went out for a little ride in the grey world that is currently Essex. Popped over to Hainault to meet my mum at the crematorium to sort out what was happening to my dad’s ashes. Stopped at Greensted Church on the way back or to give it it’s full name The Church of...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Was it you? Black Alp chained to a Black Africa, German Plates, Parked just by the City Walls in San Gimignano (Between Florence and Siena).... ? No...? Shame, cus the weather here is awesome and the riding even better ;) Arrivederci :rolleyes:
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Number 428: DIY Safety: Its full face/full head coverage makes a bike helmet an ideal choice when chiseling old tiling adhesive off concrete walls. Throw away those puny goggles and bang away with complete confidence. However, some defogging measures are recommended to avoid hammering...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    About three weeks ago I started to take the tiles off my bathroom walls but got a little bored. So today's plan get up, take dog for walk finish de-tiling bathroom wall. Phase one and two accomplished out into garage for hammer and chisel, once the garage door was open I was stood in sunshine...
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    If you think its been quiet in here... its because Chad has managed to lock himself out of the forum. He's probably climbing the walls as he'll be able to read the posts but not reply. That must be torture for such a posting animal... eh Chad? Oh yes sorry you can't reply. ;-)
  11. Africa Twin
    Holy cow, due to the higher and wider handlebars, which I'm not used to coming from a teensier bike, I have been having trouble filtering (mirror score so far, 4-0 to me), but I've just gotten a pair of Touratech Zegas and the first go was like a big momma trying to squeeze through a turnstile...
  12. Ride Reports and Pictures
    The primary objective of this trip was to test the wild claims of various midge repellent products. Oh, and also to meet up with family and celebrate my mothers 80th birthday. The thousand plus miles round trip was characterised by gusty winds and torrential rain making for very uncomfortable...
1-12 of 21 Results