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  1. Varadero
    After having a 2002 carb'd Vara, I bought one of the last Varaderos in 2014 (manufactured 2011) and now it has done 27,400 mainly on long trips around Europe. I was just wondering how long the CCTs are good for? I don't hear any nasty rattles or anything so I'm just wondering whether it's a good...
  2. Chatter
    High guys, if twiddling your thumbs the UGP highlights are on BBC Player or via web at 10:35 shortly and via : 'Film', select UK Live TV and then BBC NI. Was great last night with onboard cams. Fastest road race in world, used to wander up the road there as a kid. Well, enjoy if its...
  3. Bodgers Corner
    If anyone has fitted the extra brake lights to their topbox, then they'll know that the power connector is not exactly, err, brilliant especially considering that it has to cope with a 2 Amp current flow. The alternative that I present here uses a much more robust (and conventional) plug and...
  4. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just a few pics i took from a short ride out around Cowling & Howarth. I was trying to find some or the lanes we used to ride years ago :rolleyes: I ended up in Hebden Bridge, but not quite sure how i got there :D:D Bike runs great, well happy with it :toothy10: