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  1. XL700V - flashing oil warning with no oil loss

    How do I'm after some help/advice about the oil warning lights on the 700. Riding in to work today - second day back after a week or so off - and one of the red lights on the dash starts flashing. Initially it blinked a couple of times, but then came on and off under acceleration and braking...
  2. HISS Fuel Injector Lights Intermittent Fault Transalp 700

    Hi, My 2011 Transalp 700 VA has developed an annoying and increasingly frequent fault. Never had any problems with the bike before, engine runs great. 18,000 miles on the bike. While driving up the M1 last night, on 3 or 4 occasions, when I opened the throttle to overtake, the HISS warning...
  3. CRF250 Rally Overheated

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi guys. First of all, warning: I am not very good in motorcycle repairs and maintenance :) Around three years ago I have purchased brand new CRF250 Rally here. Until not long ago everything was just fine. But last month I have noticed that my bike start to become very-very hot - and much...
  4. HISS

    So, on Friday night I parked my '07 650 TA in the garage, everything was fine. On the Saturday morning I tried to fire it up and it just spun on the starter with no hint of life. I then noticed the green 'key' light was not going out, so that is the HISS warning light. I've had the bike around a...
  5. Scam Warning- Take Care booking Tickets Via The Trainline or Shopping Online !!

    Sorry its long winded.. but have to warn you all !! In Early March this year I received an email from a Company called “Complete Savings". Not recognising the name atall I replied telling them to stop sending me unsolicited email. I then got a reply stating I was “A Member”... Now I have...
  6. LED's Indicators

    Africa Twin
    Just a quick question i have fitted my LED indicators ,i have gone through the hazzard warning light syndrome ,bought a LED compatable flaher relay ,to find the indicators only work when i remove the dash light (indicator),so i bought a small t5 LED bulb for the dash display now the dash...
  7. Wanted: Switch

    For Sale / Wanted
    Does anyone have a good 1980 honda xl500s left hand switch they are prepared to sell please?...and a word of warning: NEVER, EVER, take one apart...EVER!! Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
  8. Chain warning!

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm just going through my new to me Transalp 700, fitting a scottoiler and have discovered a major defect in the chain. PO stated chain and sprockets were about 1k old, no discerable wear on sprocket and chain could not be pulled away from the rear sprocket teeth and plenty of adjustment left, I...
  9. 700 Transalp Fuel Guage issue.

    Hi All, Long time stalker ect. ect. Had my Trans alp just over two years, It has been a bit of a love/hate relationship. I've had a number of issues with the bike, some of which seem to be common issues with the 2008+ Heat shield rattle (ended up having to remove the cover permanently because...
  10. Wheel rebuild

    Africa Twin
    Finally got a minute to do this. Warning Just to make sure this warning to everyone, I’m not a professional just like most inmates here I prefer DIY, this my 1st wheel build ever and I want share experience with you lot ! Ok let’s go, 1st thing to do is plenty research how to do job…...
  11. Future classic?

    from What makes a good future classic bike? - BLOG -------- MCD PART's blog, technical stuff, industry and product news What makes a good future classic bike? Posted on 8:46pm Friday 23rd Dec 2016 By and large there are lots of bikes out there that have the potential to...
  12. Oil pressure Issue

    Went out approx 60 miles today, stopped for a cuppa, then: No ignition at all good battery power with red warning light and oil light flashing indicating low oil pressure. Since have got it home have checked: Oil level - normal No oil coming out of the sump plug or crank casing...
  13. Personalizing the CRF

    Africa Twin
    Any one been fiddling yet I went out this morning for a run but froze so came back early and decided to adjust a few things. first was the throttle free play there's far too much for my liking the two demonstrators were the same that was an easy adjustment, the gear lever was a bit low another...
  14. Intermittent ignition fault

    Dominator / FMX
    Another intermittent ignition fault - different symptoms from the one recently posted by jonals. A few weeks ago I was about a mile into a journey on my 1990 Dominator, going down a hill when the engine suddenly cut out. No warning, no coughing and spluttering - it simply cut out. As a white...
  15. Fuel Injector System Problem?

    Hi all, I have a 2007 XL700 with about 64,000 miles on the clock. I got it second hand in August after my previous Transalp (a 2010 XL700 with about 42k on the clock) was written off. The current one ran smoothly when I got it and aside from a dodgy fuel gauge has been, until now, a pretty good...
  16. WARNING:

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I don't know if this is the right place to call out scammers, but here it goes: My experience with cemoto Italy. Bought a headlight from them. They charged my card twice after an error on their website. Ignored emails and phone calls (I don't think this guy ever answers his phone). Put in a...
  17. CaxtonFX and other Prepaid Credit Cards- Warning!!

    I have just got back from a trip to Spain and while on the way back home, I was gobsmacked when my CAXTON card was refused on 3 occasions. I put it down to a faulty card, as I "knew" there was over €250 credit still on the card. On getting back, I checked my account to find two debited sums...
  18. Do you have a RD07a Rear wheel anywhere?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I know its a shot in the dark but I was wondering if anyone has a spare RD07a rear wheel knocking around that they are willing to part with? I have my mot coming up next month and it was a severe warning on last years mot due to the corrosion! If I am ever going to find one it will be...
  19. RD03 buying guide please

    Africa Twin
    i'm due to look at one next week but in the photo the engine is black. the owner is adamant its original. did they ever manufacture one with all black engine? how easy is it to remove the front sprocket cover. is it too much to ask for it to be removed for inspection? seat and side panel easy to...