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  1. My speedo stopped working

    Africa Twin
    So I picked up my new to me RD07 a week ago in Ireland. I'm in Italy now, after about 1,000 miles, and the speedometer has stopped working. It was a bit "bouncy" before, but then about 1 hour after I spray washed the bike, the speedo stopped all together. I checked the cable on both ends and it...
  2. For Sale: Belstaff textile jacket size 58 or 46"

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    for sale belstaff jacket size 58 just been washed smoke free home and its really warm, waterproof and in my opinion looks good. price £85 posted. Im 6 ft 17stone lol but its mostly muscle lol
  3. Xr400 wont rev

    Hi Guys bought a 2002 XR400 saturday rode it home 80 miles no problems apart from getting soaked due to a storm when almost home,washed the bike next day and now it starts ok after 2/3 kicks but everytime you twist the throttle it splutters and cuts out any ideas. Cheers Nick
  4. Submarines

    How cool is that? A German WWI sub washed ashore in Hastings. The U-boat, number 118, was washed ashore at Hastings Beach in April 1919 Read about it here: Hastings Observer Bygones Pictures here: Google map link to the...
  5. Fizzle, sizzle and hiss

    is the noise my airhead make since it was washed last week. Water is sitting in the gap between the rocker cover and head (above the centre bolt) and slowly boiling away. Now without taking the cover off again for a look, should there be a way for the water to escape or does it just sit there...
  6. Who Was That Then ?

    Cracking poster sized pic of an AT fording a river ( somewhere in the former Soviet "Stans") due to a washed-out bridge. Plenty of stickers evident on the screen of the bike but no XRV as far as I can see ??? Is this anyone we know ??
  7. I've got the bug !

    Dominator / FMX
    Well I think I have. First up,, oww doo :thumbup: Been gorping at Dommie/Vigor/Slr trackers for ages now and decided to jump in and have a go at one. I'm thinking Slr, don't know why, they just look a tad more fettlable to me :scratch: I'm brainwashed in Aprilia so I'm gonna need a bit of help...
  8. I had to laugh today

    A ,local guy has got Claudio from the long way downs GS, he loves telling everyone how he bought and has not cleaned it so it stil has the original long way down mud and dust on it , anddoes not take it out in the rain in case the mud and dust gets washed off anyhow there was a MAG show in...
  9. Drying inside helmet

    I washed mine yesterday - inside that is - and it's still soaking. I don't need to use it today or even tomorrow, but am wondering how people generally dry them as at this rate it won't be dry for the weekend...... I think I remember reading that using a hair dryer is NOT a good idea. Any...
  10. crf bling

    CRF - New Forum!
    think ive washed my hands 20 times today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I washed it!

    I cracked - i couldn't let it be filthy any more!! i got home from work hosed it down and then gave it a good wash! its all clean and shiny again!! considering that it is nearly 10 yrs old and the only real cleaning it gets over winter is hosing down after a ride on salty roads and then a...
  12. washed my bike today

    forgot what a minter it is, havent washed it since last year, scott oil really been building up everywhere.
  13. washed it yesterday - can't do a thing with it!

    Came in to work today on my TA - it was awful! Running like a pig at low revs. Feels like it's running on 1 cyl , then onto 2. Then it occurred to me - I washed it the other day. I must have got some water where it shouldn't be! Hopefully it's just water in the carbs. Bugger - as if I don't...
  14. Yesterday I Washed My Bike

    That is all.
  15. Just washed the Bike

    Africa Twin
    Just spent a Hour washing my bike, a job I hate. Due to the problems I am having with my AT, I did not bother to spray the rims ect with ACF 50 / Duck Oil / WD 40 [take your choice]. plus it has not been washed in over two months. Getting to the point, the front rim plus other plated parts...