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  1. africa twin very hot crankcase.

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys Have just bought a RD07 1994 with 8000 on the clock. Brilliant bike, cant belive I never heard how good they are. Only thing and im sure this is just a bit of bike hypocondria. Crankcase on clutch side gets really hot. Ok so it sits really close to exaust so not suprising really...
  2. Flasher relay wherabouts??

    After washing the 650 yesterday, the turn signal lights stay on, instead of on and off. The swich works fine, so there must be sth wrong with the relay. Can please smb tell me where it is, so I can check it??
  3. Washing your bike after going offroad?? how many do it

    How many people here wash up their bikes after an offroad session? I love going exploring green lanes and single track roads but i hate washing off the mud after!! R
  4. Jet washing the chain ?

    Does anyone on here jet wash their chain , I'm having a bit of a barney with some riders that jet wash it . Does it not force in the water into the links and compromise the seals.
  5. The Daft Yanks are at it again

    Be intersting to see who gets blammed for it this time, or what type of music or what video game he / she was playing at the time. Why do the let americans loose with weapons, it like asking McDonalds to look after your cow you know it's not going to end well. I'd like to know the full story...
  6. Two days of summer...

    Well, I managed to get out for two sunny days in a row... The joys of the open road... My little mascot... MandoBear! I think he got a few flies in his teeth. :D Probably needs a bath (in the washing machine at 40) too... Out on the back of the Black Mountain - I love those wide open...
  7. dingleberry?

    or is it blackberry? I dunno, I'd prefer a "me" fone or whatever it's called. Not that I'm a technophobe or anything...:rolleyes: Anyway, madame MooN has decided she wants a blackberry (thingy) but can't decide between a 9380, a 9360 or an 8520 & I haven't a clue what she's on about. Having...
  8. what do you do when the wife's away

    Well its Monday night and the wife is on a little Holiday in Australia to see a friend. I am in my underpants surfing the 'net, drinking whisky having just finished a red hot curry. And its a Monday too:toothy10: There's a pile of dishes from the weekend, the Hoover hasn't moved from its...
  9. Jet washing

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi Just wondered what peoples thoughts on jet washing was. I have never done this as always thought it would be no good for the bike and I have always hand washed it. I was riding past a petrol station today and saw someone washing there bike in a jet wash. This would obviously make it a...
  10. ACF-50 and washing?

    Mechanical Advice
    OK last month I did the winter prep for the TA taking the plastics off and polishing it then spraying EVERYTHING metal with ACF-50. Question is do I still wash the bike now it's dirty which I would have thought would wash the ACF-50 off or do I just leave it dirty until spring then strip and...
  11. Washing bike, chain lube and scottoiler

    Africa Twin
    Hey All, This is probably a dumb question but...:confused: I'm gonna wash my bike because it really needs a good clean and I've read that when you wash you're bike thoroughly you need to lube the chain again after. My bike has a scottoiler fitted so is there a particular scottoiler lube that...
  12. Winter Washing

    Mechanical Advice
    I volunteer in the local lifeboat & every time we launch & bring her back in she gets washed down bow (head) to stern (toe) including the engines. Great job at 03:00 in the morning :rolleyes: So the other day, goes in to the garage after the bike having a rest over the weekend, I noticed salt...
  13. We'll be hanging out the washing on the Braintree line....

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Today. Remember if you see one pillbox, there are at least two others nearby.....and I couldn't find 'em......
  14. Washing BMW jacket

    I was given a rather nice BMW jacket and I'd like to wash it but without ruining it. The BMW site is as much use a chocolate sump guard. I'm assuming you can't bung it in the machine with a few tabs then tumble dry it...
  15. Washing the bike

    Got home last night and for the 1st time in weeks could still feel my hands when I got off the bike decided to give it a quick clean and washdown. Man what difference a bit of shampoo and engine degreaser makes. I did not know the swingarm was silver, though mine was the special edition in...
  16. winter washing for @

    Africa Twin
    Hi Folks, As I am new to a) motorbiking b) owning an Africa Twin Could someone give me a few pointers about how and how often to wash the bike as I need to run it throughout the winter. Am getting a scottoiler fitted so that should keep the chain happy. What about wheels, clutch cable etc...