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  1. transalp 600

    Hi I repainted my transalp 600 1999 model and when I put it back together I marked rear coil wires right and left but I wasnt sure if I was looking from top down or front to back so one wire is yellw blue the other black white can some one help please?:confused:
  2. Norton Commando Transformer

    wasnt sure if this has been on here before. Norton Commando Transformer by Steve Twist - YouTube
  3. Right you scots listen up !!!

    ive had contact from our dark lord and he is not happy:hitler::hitler: 1/ he says your border guards have a lot to learn and should be sent to wales for retraining..toot sweet:D 2/ it the weather dos'nt improve below perth by friday you are all sacked and he will run the country...
  4. newcomer to africa twin

    Africa Twin
    Hi Just picked up my 93 africa twin two days ago and enjoying already on the french roads in the dordogne where i live. Only problem is I wasnt given a hand book. So a couple of questions. Fuel tap where is on , off and res - it is marked with off and res but no indication as to where they...
  5. @ white A13/A406

    So in light of my last spotted post and the subsequent wasnt me answers who was it this morning. 2 15am this morning on the roundabout above the A13 just having come off the westbound off slip where a right turn takes you up the North Circular / A406. All I know is it was white AT, poss an...
  6. 1988 XT 600 Z Tenere ANY GOOD?

    Other Bikes
    I have seen a 1988 Yamaha XT 600 Z Ténéré near me for sale with the twin head lights and electric start for £750 which is confusing me since i wasnt aware the 1988 UK model had twin lights and Electric start? Would this bike be a good buy as a first big bike or best to avoid untill a Transalp...
  7. The fragility of life

    ... on friday last in between interviewing staff I had a quick meeting with one of our managers. Afterwards I walked her out to the door, enjoying a bit of a laugh and a joke as you do. That night, friday, she was taking some of the elderly patients to a concert - and by all accounts they had a...
  8. all the way round and back again

    Africa Twin
    the last few weeks have proved to be testing in the finanial dept so the vara had to go after finding my vara will be going to a new home (another member here who will anounce his vara ownership when he's ready:D so i needed somthing cheap but fairly good but i wasnt banking on tagging myself...
  9. Video camera recommendation please

    We're after a video camera. We had one years ago whih broke and we never bothered to replace but I'm being put under unrelenting pressure now to replace it (from the kids). I wasnt that keen to be honest as it's not something we ever used much and never missed. Can't remember what our old one...
  10. I think i saw mudwiz

    I think i saw mudwiz on on the rydale the other week, as i recognised the bike on the way round the last lap on the last day. :rolleyes: pitty it wasnt in the pits as i would have had a chat! Fair play to you mate on that i think it was a lot harder than any one was...
  11. i said i wasnt going to do this again

    but ive kind of got this idea see:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: and its going to cost a bit:p but hear me out:angel9: i really fancy another GS but a 1200adv but ive got to face facts im not going to be able to afford one for a bloody long time:( so ive got to thinking two...
  12. cdi

    last sat night went 2 visit friend 9 miles away-pulled alp out of shed-started 'er up(2 weeks since i used it last) -she started but sounded very rough-paid no attention until i closed all doors,gates and so on-drove down 2 road and noticed less power than normal-noticed that rev counter wasnt...
  13. Trail bike advice

    Mechanical Advice
    New member here and would like to say hello to all on here.I hope to be of some use in the future but right now I need some help. Last summer I crashed my CB1300.At first I was all for giving up then decided I wasnt going to give in.Recently I purchased a 2002 Blackbird in beautiful...
  14. This internet malarky can be quite good really

    I listened to radio 4 last night but wasnt paying attention to what was on. Heard the tail end of a bit of piano music that was quite nice. Shame I missed that me thinks. This afternoon listening to Classic Fm blimey I hears the same bit of music. So I puts 'puter on, looks up programme...
  15. Is there no such thing as an accident any more??

    Just overheard on the news something about a police officer being sued for bumping into an elderly lady while in persuit of a criminal. She was injured apparently. The court found he was, get this ''running too fast''!!!!!! WTF !!!!! and he was in breach of his duty of care to this elderly lady...
  16. i wish i wasnt so bloody heavy handed

    Africa Twin
    putting the engine back together today:cool: new piston rings the cams and tappets sorted every things going well:cool: on the front there is a little alli fitment that takes a water hose from the front cylender to the bottom of the engine .. i stick a new o ring in it then start to fit it ,, im...
  17. My first car crash

    Popped off to the post office thisafternoon, and stopped at some traffic lights - then screeeeeech and bang clatter clunk :twisted: Some dozy old codger skidded straight into the back of me from about 30 mph :shock: Gave my pea brain a right good rattle in my noggin and given me a headache...
  18. stroke of bloody genius !!

    due to the impending purchace of pussyhorses RD03 ive had to curb some of the spending on marmite :cry: i was going to have the wheels reconditioned powder coated hubs and rims with stainless spokes by the devon rim co 8) but i cant have that and the RD03 so i decided to paint the hubs...
  19. New @ Owner

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I am new around here so please be gentle! Thought I would share some feedback on my 10 year old @ having had it now for 1 month. First - you will be pleased to know that it cut out on me for the third time this weekend but I have found the culprit - the fuel pump :twisted: - still...
  20. sailsbury plains 28th aug

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    ok i wasnt there well not quite anyway me and the wife are on our way back from newquay and we pull into coutess services for a leg stretch and a drink . who do we bump into !!! stoo , wheelie and the boys getting ready for a jaunt on the plains 8) 8) 8) funny the wife wasnt up for it...