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  1. Buttermere Revisited...THE FULL SP

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Thursday morning... Off I go to collect my bike from the local shop, that was supposed to have done the head race bearings. They hadnt done the job.. Bearing on back order. The bearings are not bad by any means. Get back home and start loading bike up. Then the delays start..... The new...
  2. Help needed HU 2006

    Hi all, Had to cancel my trip to the Hu meet on the 23rd, The wifes going in to hospital this week for a major Op and wont be fit enuf to ride , bitch eh ? Cant really go and leave her in the house since she wont be able to do anything and plus my bikes off the road. So HELP needed please, has...
  3. Saturday at the BMF show Peterborough

    Decided to drive up, as the weather didnt look too good :cry: and wasnt sure how much stuff or what i would be buying :? Had a good walk around - mostly taken over by Frank Thomas selling off their seconds. Some good stuff to be had and the usual rubbish as well. One non adventure bike...
  4. Do It Yourself..............

    Entrusted a tyre chain to fit my tyres to the alp. Took bike in not just the wheels. Tyres fitted after 3hr+. They nearly had the bike off the paddock stand at one point...... Noticed a bit of wobble on way back from tyre place at about 90. Just thought new tyres that need scrubbing in and...
  5. Police TA

    On my travels this morning and what do i spy hartlepool side of the stockton fly over. A batternburg stickered police tranny. More than anything it was the shape of the headlight that caught my attention. It was definetly quite new cause there was still a shine on the ta wheels and the chrome...
  6. Another new converted bloke

    Africa Twin
    Good day! Ive just purchased a black 2000 W plate AT with 7000 miles. I usually ride superbikes such as an R1, GSXR 750, TL1000R etc etc, however Ive always had this desire to own an Africa Twin! Now I own one and I couldnt be more pleased. I was quite a fast rider on my sportsbikes, being in...
  7. hoofin great barge

    Damn I wasnt ready for the amount of wind resistance A T put up gettin blown around like nobodys business reckon I will be gettin me some diveing weights to keeep me on the ground :happy6: