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  1. How to.....
    Hello Guys cant seem to find it anywhere but how meny bulbs in intruments know its T10 and how meny in tripmaster ? Know thats t5 but what watt ?
  2. Africa Twin
    My RD 07 has 35 w / 35 w halogen bulbs. Is this the standard factory rated bulb?Is it possible to install 55 w / 65 w bulbs without any issues (heat damage etc)? Thanks. Africa Queen RD 07 - Exploring the countryside of Sri Lanka, A Land Like No Other.
  3. Africa Twin
    ok, so rd04 italian import 2 x 35watt h4 bulbs, (uk model 55w) would i be frying something other than bacon if i swapped to the 55w bulbs?
  4. Accessories
    Question for the electrically minded experts out there. I'm thinking of getting hold of a pair of 55watt H3 projector lights for the Vara , question is is there enough spare volts on there bike to run them without compromising the battery or RR.:cool:
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    Guys, I'm still looking for an original seat for an RD07a - dont care what kind of knick its in as its gonna get re-done anyway (unless its mint then my touratwat one will get butchered instead! :p). Happy enough to pay postage etc to get it shipped............ Go on - have a rummage there...
  6. Transalp
    Hi guys.. well after my Alps little swim the cockpit bulbs have nearly all blown so where do you get them from ...or better still what size watts etc are they..before I take the cockpit apart to replace them .. Also anyone know how easy it is to replace the clock? mine no longer works...
  7. XR
    I am thinking of having my stator rewound for more watts.What are the implications on the rest of the electrics and do I NEED to change anything else? Sorry if this question has been asked before. Thank you, Jim.
  8. Dominator / FMX
    I have read about lots of upgrdesfor bike bulbs just not sure whats best fr My standard Dommie, Some has put in a 60/55w Halogen But its far to Dim.... Can you get Lower Wattage Xenon Bulbs ?
  9. Chatter
    Stan Watt - Crescent KTM - 2012 Dakar - YouTube
  10. The Longest Day
    Just set up a just giving page for the Trip to turkey next year Me and 3 mates will be doing the trip on XL600LMF's More info to come and pictures of the bike which i am rebuilding at the moment. Hope to get some goodies to auction off on here soon All money raised will go to Cancer research...
1-10 of 10 Results