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  1. Wanted: Bongo

    For Sale / Wanted
    Afternoon all, just wondered if anyone fancied clearing their Bongo before the Autumn/Winter sets in, watching the usual sites and FB pages (not to mention Evilbay) 3-3.5k is a reasonable chunk. Needs an aft roof and if converted then a rear not side conversion. Anyone? TIA
  2. Used bike sites

    Africa Twin
    Any used bike sites people can direct me to in Europe? Still not over there yet but starting to keep my eyes open for a descent used bike. I have been watching but are there any others? Hope to get that way in the next couple months but this is a slow process for sure. Thanks
  3. My new project?

    I was thinking about what I want to do next after my Dommie project is done. I was having a beer and watching the first episode of the new series of the walking dead and noticed that the feller with the crossbow has got himself a new bike. A few minutes on the interweb revealed this. Rolling...
  4. a bit quite on hear tonigh or this morning

    what ever the case may be . im watching the Mike Leigh film naked right now on youtube its pretty good I really rate him as a director . im going for a smoke at about 50 minuites into the film the bloke cant smoke but I can . isn't all this technology at our disposal fantastic before the...
  5. Tour de France

    I'm a big fan of the tour and I allso like watching the motorcycle that take part , recently spotted a varadero with a camera man on the back , Ian.
  6. In the UK, it's that time of year again!!

    Well, here we are, almost at the end of another year, and almost at the start of another instalment of "I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here" This year, the motorcycling community has been considered, and an old ego has been resurrected for some fairing bashing hopefully? Carl Fogarty |...
  7. Wanted: End can. Silencer for RD03 Africa Twin 650

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am searching for a suitable replacement silencer/ end can for my AT XrV 650. There is a Marving on the bike but has many wounds! Hence my quest for a replacement. I am looking on eBay but I am not sure whether the ones I am watching are suitable. Any advice would be welcomed. :) Davey
  8. All Blacks game

    Been to Morrisons late tonight with Herself and grabbed a huge bag of end of the day bread rolls and some nice rashers ready for Bacon rolls for brekkie .... Soooo looking forward to tomorrow morning's game. Sensible sort of time too, as I can get a game in and do some work, AND watch one of...
  9. Am I getting soft with old age?

    I just witnessed one of nicest things in my life. I was walking around a local market with a mate of mine when we were approached by a couple of teenagers and one of them said to my mate,"Hello dad"................(I thought we was gonna get mugged) My mate hadnt seen his sons in four years due...
  10. Why are they watching me !!!!

    Yesterday Mrs wizard and myself bought a load of ceramic tiles from Wicks (the diy place) and paid with the debit card. Last night when I was surfing ebay all the items that popped up that ebay think I might be interested in were either tile adhesive or tile grout. (Its usually Land Rover stuff...
  11. Living Dolls

    On Monday 6th January, Channel 4 aired one of the weirdest programmes I've ever seen. It was a hot topic at work for quite a few days, and I just wondered if any of you normal XRV folk had seen it, and what you thought? It's still on 4OD for those of you that have eaten and fully digested your...
  12. Crossrunner

    Did any one watch James may on TV last night on the isle of man & did you notice the police bike he had following him, looked like a Crossrunner, Enjoyed the program , thought it was amazing how they built the bike out of macarno, Moor enjoyable than watching the usual same old 200 mph...
  13. 1080p Camcorder Advise

    Hoping someone has done this and can advise. Just bought a camcorder to get some footage of the little-un (they grow up so fast!) and the last one I had was a tape one. I have a Sony laptop that plays HD movies fine but when I transfer the recorded footage over to the laptop it’s out of sync...
  14. Spoof videos of your town

    HAd this e-mailed to me today someone locally has done a video about my town, i watched it and was pissi*g myself with laughter but also thought how true it was Kernow King's Cornwall - Episode3 : Camborne - YouTube Anybody got any video's of there town which are comical and worth watching
  15. London "routemaster" Yc prog

    London "routemaster" TV prog Fascinating watching, especially for one of the fortunate ones that does not have to commute through or across the city! My only experiences of the Blackwall tunnel has been at 5.30-6am en route to a ferry and jeez am I glad I have never based a 9am run down on the...
  16. 25-26-27 May, Anyone out and about down south

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Well iv finally got a long weekend off and nothing to do so just wondered if anyone was doing anything or anything was happening this weekend, meet up, Ace Cafe, off road anything as its just me andn the bike all weekend. My main plan is the Plain if anyone is up for a bit of dirt, well dust at...
  17. Bye, bye to MotoGP - unless to want to pay

    Looks like the only way to watch MotoGP from next year will be to pay for it - BT Sport confirmed for MotoGP deal and MotoGP: BT Sport secures TV rights from 2014 in five-year deal. So, I suppose I'll have to go out and ride my own bike now rather than watching the racing. Ho hum. 100%...
  18. Licence to Kill - BBC3

    Did anyone else see the programmed "Licence to Kill" on BBC3 the other night? If not it is well worth watching. The programme is presented by Sophie Morgan, who was paralysed herself after a road accident. The only problem I have with the programme is the footballer's "momentary" lack of...
  19. Water under the bike after a ride

    Got down to Ace Cafe yesterday and after the nice bacon buttie n a walk round found a puddle of water/antifreeze under the bike and definatly coming from mine. Topped up n rode home WATCHING THE TEMP GUAGE. Water level has gone to mid-way in resevoir and no water under the bike today? Any one...
  20. Caroline Quinten talks shi*e

    Just watching Cornwall with the dopey cow, she just said you can buy a Cornish Pasty anywhere in the world while eating a pasty, which is an issue as the cornish recipe died years ago and i don't know of any bakery that does use the "proper" Cornish recipe. Anybody who's true Cornish knows that...