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  1. Chatter
    Went out for a wet ride today just for fun and practice where i quickly discovered all my "Wet gear " is in fact NOT waterproof ! including my new winter gloves "100% waterproof !" Do these manufacturers not think we may notice ? Waterproof my arse , didnt last 10 mins then cant get them on...
  2. Mechanical Advice
    bought this for only 4.99, recieved it and its the business, even comes with screws and cable connecters three quarters trhe way down the page part number cp412
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi, anybody got any advice on a waterproof cover, that will fit even with a top box? I've got some fancy Oxford one, but despite being the largest they do - it is not big enough. A few years back I bought a fairly lightweight unlined plastic one, that fitted completey over my BMW F650 - with...
  4. Chatter
    I've been asked about my waterproof mobile phone holder a lot so I thought I'd record the details here for posterity. Here's some links to the Boxit holders.
  5. Chatter
    Hi all Have recently started using an all in one waterproof suit. It is a Spada, I think 405 is the particular model. Any one else use these and what do you think. regards jak
  6. Transalp
  7. Chatter
    When is waterproof not waterproof??? When it comes to motorcycle clothing, that's when!! How can I go to a motorcycle store, pay €175 euro for a pair of waterproof trousers only to sit at my computer with saggy pants? This happened after only 5 miles on my @ getting to work this morning...
101-108 of 108 Results