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  1. Why you should pay the Piper !

    Never, ever mess with us Jocks. See what we have as a weapon ! LOL Jock aka Les
  2. People of France

    Come the game, cometh the man Bernard Laporte - we laugh at you Serge Betsen - we mock you Thierry Dusautoir - we break wind in your general direction You will be devoured like a pot of petits filous for we have a weapon more potent than a box of rancid camembert We give you: Paddy...
  3. Day riding new / old AT - Brilli - bloody - ant

    Collected the £1000 AT RD04 today for Wee Bro and rode it to his place. What a weapon..... :yay: What a brilliant day for it.... What a rocket ship .... this baby is soooo quick ... much quicker than my ex RD07a. :D This machine was looked after by some previous owner, frame is spotless...
  4. good news guys and gals !!

    Africa Twin
    chad has one foot firmly back in the honda camp :teeth: ( or is that camp cos i now got a honda too :lol: :lol: :lol: ) anyway after a trip up to pussyhorses pad the rd03 has been seen and money has changed hands a deal has been struck :teeth: :teeth: there is one sorry looking @ thats...
  5. Gone to the wall....

    Sorry to depress you all, but I have to vent my depression and frustrations somewhere. Thing is, my parents went out today looking for a new shop to buy only to find the shop (in Hastings) was surrounded by boarded up hovels, homeless tramps and Third World ghettos (the whole town was like it!)...