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  1. 2019 Cork Toy Runs

    Sunday 1st of December ... Current Sunday weather forecast is for sunshine and blue sky ! Then, on Sunday 8th December ... Weather forecast ... ?
  2. Headstock Reassembly XRV750 RD04?

    Africa Twin
    Hi Fellow XRV enthusiasts. Most of you are probably on your bike today as glorious weather but hopefully someone around to ask:) Replaced Headstock bearings on my RD04 (AT) and failed to make sufficient notes for reassembly. If anyone has a reassembly diagram then grateful, if not then good...
  3. YACO (Yet another Chain Oiler)

    Bodgers Corner
    I wanted to get rid of the sticky spray lube for the chain and intended to build my own chain oiler.<br> My main objectives were: low tech, independent from motor vacuum or electricity/electronics. full manual control of the amount of oil being applied, depending on road or weather conditions...
  4. 2006 fmx 650 surging / lunging

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello I'm new on here, I ride the fmx650 all year round all weather's to get to work and back anyway I have a problem, I obviously bought the bike second hand and it has remus system which was already on her, while I'm riding at around 30 or 60 or 70 with throttle stable it starts to surge bit...
  5. Intermitent indicators

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello, I`m new to this group but wondered if anyone could help me with a problem with my 1999 Dominator indicators please? The set on the right side work immediately when the switch is activated but the left hand side have a delay of between a couple of seconds - to not working at all ! I have...
  6. swingarm collar

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys. I bought a Dominator a few months ago because I want to improve my mechanical skills and a Domi should be simple and cheap. So far so good. The bike is in pieces right now - all according to plan. The collar in the swingarm is in bad shape and I don't want to re-use it. It has a lot...
  7. 2007 XL650V Exhaust Silencer

    Good day all.. I come to you in need of advice/assistance if I may? I own a Honda Transalp XL650V (2007) and my exhaust silencer has sprung several holes. I've been looking for a Genuine replacement but haven't had any joy as yet. Can anyone recommend a good replacement or know of genuine one...
  8. Pannier frames & Scotoiler

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, I am looking to purchase some pannier frames for my RD07A and have been in touch with Alex at Heavy Duties. My bike has a Touring Scotoiler fitted which mounts between the mudguard and the number plate, I am concerned the cross piece that connects the two racks at the back may...
  9. Newbie with a transalp

    Hi all I've been lurking in this forum for a few months, bought an xl700 transalp three weeks ago and enjoying it, living in Welshest Wales helps a lot, went for a spin up the Elan valley yesterday and had great fun despite appalling weather. Jon
  10. Car Sat Nav for Bike? Err..... Seems good value :)

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Wondering around Tesco like a zombie as usual, I stumbled on this - Garmin Drive 50 LMT Travel Edition with Worldwide maps at £85. I know it wont be water proof and fiddly to use perhaps, but at £85 its a shed load cheaper than a bike Nav?:thumbright: Anyone tried this out? Perhaps in...
  11. Boxing Day meet Whitminster Inn M5 J 13

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    as title Boxing Day meet Whitminster Inn M5 J 13 from 11 on see more although organised by vintage club all ages of machines and riders welcome, weather supposed to be good. Its a stand and natter/view bikes etc. Many make it the target of their Boxing Day...
  12. XR600 Choke plate??

    Hello. Bought my first XR today, I got it at a good price as its hard to start in cold weather due to the choke plate being removed. Apparently previous owner removed it as they can break up causing serious problems. After checking google, i see this is a common problem. I did get the bike...
  13. My new ride!

    Well when i say my new ride i've had it about a month,it's a 12 plate genuine Worldcrosser edition with 4k dry miles on the clock,just need some decent weather to get out on it,it's keeping the A/T company in the garage.:)
  14. French fuel crisis

    Just rode 500 miles through France without any problems. No queues no closures no crisis as far as I'm aware. Took an extra 10 litres in 2 × 5ltr jerry cans just in case but not needed. It has rained constantly. It's early morning day 2 and I'm in Bellac now looking out of my hotel window at...
  15. For Sale: Camping Bits for your summer excursions

    For Sale / Wanted
    Afternoon all, as the weather improves your thoughts might move to taking your bike further and farther. For Solo and lightweight peeps how about a nice Wild Country Zephros 1 Tent (£70 to your UK door) For bigger folks or cosy pairs how about an all but new Vango Banshee 200 (£75 to your UK...
  16. Helping out a fellow biker

    Hi All....I am a bit of an older than average biker'ish bloke...Helped out a 17 year old broken down in today's dodgy wet weather...Anyway..short version...Do any of you guy's know about or also carry old fashion re-wireable fuse wire ? ? HE DIDN'T or does anyone carry a flattened long life...
  17. Brass nuts

    Dominator / FMX
    Nothing to do with cold weather! On the back of the headlight surround on the Dommie there are four nuts set into the plastic, into which the instrument / surround screws go. They're like short brass barrels with a threaded hole, and they're machined / knurled on the outside to help them grip...
  18. Oh what a lovely morning

    Hi, I rode the TA to work today and just didn't want to stop. Hope we start to get some good riding weather :D TE looks sad outside waiting for me;) Paul
  19. Adventure Bike TV - Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    Spent all day Saturday filming with the 'Adventure Bike TV' crew in my local forest. They've been covering the new 'Africa Twin' motorbike which was launched quite recently and they wanted to film the original 'Africa Twin' bike from the beginning of the concept. There were four of us riding on...
  20. Two stroke oil.

    What is the difference between mineral and synthetic 2 stroke oil and which is the best for my sons 1986 DT125LC? We are going to start his bike up at the weekend after its winter hibernation and I will be using a remote tank of fuel as I am not sure if the oil pump is working. What happens if...