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  1. where's the sun!! weatherman??

    There's another new blog up for you guys to enjoy? hope you all get a chance to get out this weekend and hope you miss the rain unlike us today!! until next time, ride safe TTB1
  2. A Traveller's Tale.. Ranulph Fiennes? or just Meesh and Belinda?

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Come share in a Traveller's Tale....The Adventures of Ranulph Fiennes.... or simply - a day out with Belinda and Meesh! 10-01-2009 Saturday morning.. got up eagerly with a new adventure in mind.... off to Swindon on my borrowed Steed (CBR600F, that I've decided to call Belinda). Why is this an...
  3. Week end in the "sologne"

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    went for a trip out with some mates at the week end, into the Sologne region which is within a huge loop of the Loire south of Blois, east of Orleans. Apologies for the lack of scenery pics, I'm the only one taking photo's & as I wasn't leading we didn't get to stop when I wanted... "Rendez...
  4. where am i?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    please dont get the idea im a numpty, i do have a CSE in geography, so there. i live in fareham, between portsmouth and southampton (any sympathy appreciated) so, in the context of this forum, am i southeast or southwest? even the government cant make up its mind, or the weatherman, sometimes...