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    There's another new blog up for you guys to enjoy? hope you all get a chance to get out this weekend and hope you miss the rain unlike us today!! until next time, ride safe TTB1
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    Come share in a Traveller's Tale....The Adventures of Ranulph Fiennes.... or simply - a day out with Belinda and Meesh! 10-01-2009 Saturday morning.. got up eagerly with a new adventure in mind.... off to Swindon on my borrowed Steed (CBR600F, that I've decided to call Belinda). Why is this an...
  3. Ride Reports and Pictures
    went for a trip out with some mates at the week end, into the Sologne region which is within a huge loop of the Loire south of Blois, east of Orleans. Apologies for the lack of scenery pics, I'm the only one taking photo's & as I wasn't leading we didn't get to stop when I wanted... "Rendez...
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    please dont get the idea im a numpty, i do have a CSE in geography, so there. i live in fareham, between portsmouth and southampton (any sympathy appreciated) so, in the context of this forum, am i southeast or southwest? even the government cant make up its mind, or the weatherman, sometimes...