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  1. rear sets webbing

    Africa Twin
    Hi all i am trying to get to grips with my 98 AT ..Whilst cleaning the rear sets i found out why one side doesnt fold so well i have a crack in the pin mount .So i may need to replace .But heres the thing ,they the rear passenger pegs are quite heavy anybody found anything lighter as a...
  2. Seized swingarm bolt

    Hi all It seems my xrr's swingarm bolt may never have been removed in 14 years :sad2: I have been beating it with a hammer and drift for a bit and gave up to give it some thought Anyhow I haven't tried applying any wd40 etc yet but was wondering if there is any value or if it is a bad idea...
  3. Exhaust help please !

    Hi all, Needing you advice please - I have taken the end can off the Alp ( joins about 5 inchs after the before footpeg) as it was blowing from the join. Ordered an part from local dealer to seal it all up. Part is a graphite type ring that slips nicely over the original bit but as the Fuel end...
  4. For Sale: Tent For Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    I bought this tent ,and used it once. It's a excellent tent ,but was to big for my need's Like new £75 Vango Beta 450 Tunnel Tent - 2009 Model Vango Beta tents have replaced the best selling Gamma's as Vango's new leisure tunnel tents. Perfect for 2-season camping these Vango tunnel tents...
  5. For Sale: Oxford panniers & RST Race Leathers

    For Sale / Wanted
    A pair of used but perfectly serviceable, expandable Oxford Sports panniers, in good overall condition, a couple of small scrapes on one of them & a small plastic D ring is missing but the webbing remains as an attachment point. They are quite sizable when expanded & come with original bag...
  6. Ortlieb Packman Pro

    Product Reviews
    Similar to the Exped Dry Pack, it's a 20 liter waterproof backpack basically built around Ortlieb's well known roll closure. I use it mainly to carry my notebook on the bike, and the straps on the side allow me to make it as narrow as...
  7. Tent For Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    North Face Slickrock 2-man tent We bought this tent 9 years ago to go world backpacking for 5 months. It’s an ultralight mountaineering-style tent, and packs nice and small. The design uses a half-fly and half single wall design – reduces the weight big time. It slept the two of us well for...
  8. centre stand fitted at last

    I got a honda centre stand a few weeks ago and after a couple of abortive to get the springs on I finally did it today. :D :D As with all things problematic once I worked out a way of doing it it was easy. Here's how I did it; but first how not to it: 1. Don't fit centrestand to bike and...