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  1. RD07A Water pump weep hole

    Africa Twin
    Hi fitting new chain/ oil change etc yesterday have noticed that I have a very small ,really small weep of coolant from weep hole .It would be only a single drip gathering at the lowest part of the waterpump casing over a 24 hr period ,have placed kitchen roll below area and nothing over night...
  2. Oops!

    Forgive me as I have sinned. Checked the Alps oil 'tother day & it looked darkish, checked in my service record - September 2011 it was last done. Oops! It seems that I have been so preoccupied with meddling with the shinier stuff coming & going that I have been neglecting Old Faithful. Oil...
  3. Les motards de la deuxieme enfance

    Charity Events
    Hello peeps, look, there's no easy way to say this, this is in effect a begging letter,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I'm trying to raise some money for Bone Cancer Research in memory of my nephew Alex. Alex never got to ride a bike, he died shortly before his 15th birthday, but his Mum and Dad made sure he...
  4. French speed cop.

    Read and weep!
  5. Wanted: Honda dominator tank

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi there, Does anyone know what tanks will fit a 1995 dominator? Earlier (smaller) tanks may not as the mounting points look different. Could a tank from an xr etc be made to fit? Got a very annoying persistent weep from mine and its time to bite the bullet. If anyone has a spare tank they...
  6. 1998 XR250 - Rocker weep

    Just got back from a trailriding weekend and my bike has sprung a rocker cover leak Soon after buying the bike & whilst doing the valves, I realised the stud was missing (snapped off in the head by a chimp of a previous owner) but it wasn't leaking But it is
  7. Cylinder intake weep

    Mechanical Advice
    Spotted this on my TA650. Same around both intake rubbers. Bike runs perfect, does 55mpg and is standard apart from the Staintune legal can which has been on there about 4 years. The clamps are tight and valves/carb balance all spot on. The air filter is new. Any ideas please?