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  1. Sold: XL650V Transalp Honda Workshop Manual + XL650V4 Addendum

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD XL650V Transalp Honda Workshop Manual + XL650V4 Addendum Have a genuine (paper) Honda workshop manual in English for XL650Vy Transalp published 2000. ,It is good for all 650's other than the wiring change for headlight always on, which is covered in the addendum (below). It contains over...
  2. what bike today beats the NX as an all rounder and weighs the same or less?

    Dominator / FMX
    Have ridden a few bikes recently and come to the conclusion that for real world biking without a passenger and without need for excess speed my dommie is a really great steed . For me ., simplicity , ease of maintenance , weight and the ability to cover different terrain is far more useful...
  3. RD04 Roolbox lid

    Africa Twin
    RD04 Toolbox lid I have finally took the plunge! I have my RD04 in the garage and started working on it, it's in top condition but a sand-whore as me immediatly started to see where I could ditch some weight. I got rid of the (ridiculous) top case, luggage rack (they used plain iron, are...
  4. Biking highs & lows

    Many of us have swapped bikes over the years, some bikes performed above expectations & leave a warm feeling when you look back others may have been a bit of a dog. What have been your biking highs & lows??? For me the Transalps have done me well (there have been 5 1/2 of them now...) my main...
  5. Anyone fancy buyin an Estonian built bike? Before you say no, read on...

    ... because I have just sat on the prototype from Renard Motorcycles, a newly established bike designer company! It is sex on wheels with carbon galore, and a sweet Moto Guzzi lump as the stressed member!! It has a very short wheelbase and weighs in at about 180kg. I want one!! Now... how...
  6. For Sale: XL650V Transalp Honda Workshop Manual

    For Sale / Wanted
    Have a genuine (paper) Honda workshop manual in English for 650 Transalp published 2000, believe it is good for all 650 TA's. It contains over 350 pages with 100's (maybe over 1000) of pictures. Asking £17.50 post extra (weighs 1.2Kg without packaging so probably £6 first or £5 parcel)
  7. Yea truly! These are the end-times!

    We live on a planet of depleting resources, declining fitness and increasing waistlines. So why the Hell did somebody think it was a good idea to invent the motorised four-wheel wheelbarrow I saw a fit young East-European builder wrestling to turn around in Covent Garden this lunchtime? If a...
  8. Exhaust thread #8000

    Africa Twin
    Hello; Is there an exhaust (well when I say exhaust.. end can) out there for the RD07a that is roughly the same shape and size as the stock one (i.e. would use the same mounts-ish without too much bodge) and obviously weighs less ? Oliver
  9. Pics of my Varadero

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Stuck a new clutch cable on and pinched the handlebar risers from my AT to see if it improved the riding position (it does). Then shot out for a 20 minute ride round to make sure everything was okay. Clutch cable was a Wemoto pattern part and is almost at full adjustment from new. Bloody easy to...
  10. For Sale: Collapsible foldaway motorcycle trailer for single bike

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi folks, I am selling my trailer for a single bike, I bought it few months ago to carry my track bike, but for lack of time, I didn't have the chance to use it, so, I am putting it for sale. I had two parts of it stolen from my garden, so I bought new ones which appear in gray on the photos...
  11. 700 Cat removal?

    Hi people, I have seen on another forum that an australian guy had removed his complete exhaust system and replaced it with a stainless system and removed the Cat-con. The cat-con weighs approx 8kilos and reduces ground clearance considerably. Can anyone tell me the legality of this modification...
  12. For Sale: Kawasaki GPz305 (33hp legal, MOT and TAX) - £300 Ideal Project

    For Sale / Wanted
    Well here is my N-Reg Kawasaki GPz305, it is being sold as spares or repairs because the engine has a fault. Last year I went on a trackday and the engine decided to develop a considerable knock. When it started making a noise I headed home and by the time I had ridden the 16 miles back...
  13. Tents

    I came across this Slumit CUB II (2 Berth) Tent with FlashFrame-Flexiâ„¢ Quick Pitch System and was wondering if anyone has any knowledge, weighs in at 3.25kg, possible a lighter alternative to the Kyham Biker or Coleman Phat ? and at £55.00 it ain't gonna break the bank.
  14. Not quite OCC

    Other Bikes
    :cool: This machine was built by workers at Harzer bike Schiede in Zilly Germany, It uses a Russian tank engine they found and it took them a year to build, it is 17'4" [520cm] Long and 7'6" high and weighs 4 1/2 Tons 1.8 of that is the engine alone. BIG D
  15. Books/mags for the heroes

    Hi there Hope no-one minds me adding this - moderator can move/remove it if necessary. I spotted a post on the Hitchcocks Bulletin Board (Royal Enfield other rides) a few weeks ago, which someone had previously picked up from the British Two Stroke Club. Basically, it was a request...
  16. For Sale: emergency trail bike stand 'THE UGLY STICK'

    For Sale / Wanted
    Its recently occurred to me that without a centre stand, ive got limited ways of getting the wheels off if I get a puncture (basically I’d have to lay the bike on its side or try to find something to sit the bike on – not ideal). After scouring the internet, I made one of these trail bike...
  17. Goodbye

    Well I have gone and done the deal, traded in my 700 for a bike i have been lusting after for a long time a Moto Guzzi Breva 1100 fully kitted out for touring , it arrived yesterday and i cant stop looking at it, the attention to detail is excellent and what a ride , it weighs in around 245kg...
  18. For Sale: XR400 Parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    Cleaned the garage out and found all stuff that needs to go 1 .Edelbrock Pumper carb.... had it from a guy who was going to do a long trip on his XR but then decided on a bigger bike. I believe its new or near new and I never fitted it as it came at the same time I decided I was probably goin...
  19. For Sale: Af. Twin Original exhaust from 1990 RD04

    For Sale / Wanted
    Having a clear out. and have my old exhaust to sell. Its in reasonable nick - wouldnt take much to make it look really good. No holes that im aware of, but will double check. The front heel guard is there, but one of the bolts is broken i think. Also there is a rear metal guard missing, and...
  20. Technical question

    I'm trying to find out how much a litre of petrol weighs. So far I've discovered that the specific gravity should be between 720 and 775 Kg/m^3 or to put it another way between 0.72 and 0.775 Kg/Litre. Why the variation? The trouble is I never weighed the 5 litre plastic petrol container before...