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  1. Lead Weights on Spokes.

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Are these balance weights for the rim, or are they balance weights for tyres fitted? I'm guessing they are for the rim???
  2. Spoked wheel weights?

    Mechanical Advice
    Anyone suggest a sensibly priced source please? I am doing my NX4 and a bit surprised how much weight the wheel needs to balance properly!! Stick on weights will do for the time being, but not much use off road I suspect! ;-)
  3. Touring on an A/T

    Africa Twin
    I'm still pondering about buying an A/T and would like to know what they are like at long distance touring,i'm planning a trip to Spain next year and was wondering how one would cope with a pillion and loaded luggage etc as I've heard they can be a tad underpowered,neither myself and my o/h are...
  4. Reducing handlebar buzz on a big single ?

    Dominator / FMX
    Ok it's not much on the dommie with it's rubber mounted bar clamps but I love spoiling my steed and wondered whether gel/foam or multiple density grips would help Also bar-end weights ...worth it ? Anyone had experience in bringing the finger tingle to a minimum on long rides? thanks Bill
  5. Fitting Acerbis etc handguards to 650 Transalp,advice please.

    Wanting to fit some decent handguards to my 650 Transalp,i've read somewhere on this forum that the weights inside the handlebars have to be removed,i'm abit concerned about doing this in case it causes more vibration to your hands,so the question is has anybody removed these weights and if so...
  6. Wheel Balancing

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Do you get the wheels balanced an Africa Twins or do you just fit the tyres? I've noticed on the bike I've bought both the front and rear wheels have been balanced. The rear has "lost" its balance weights and the front is still ok. I want some new tyres. If they dont need balancing then I will...
  7. handlebar grips and end weights.

    Had a great ride on my transalp yesterday, just over 200 miles in lovely weather. The 700 performed perfectly, and so comfy, but a few ' pins and needles' in my hands were noticed when I had just got off the bike. Im sure its more the fault of my 50 year old hands, and not my 2 month old...
  8. Handlebar end weights

    Africa Twin
    Would someone please tell me how the h*** are the AT handlebar end weights disassembled?
  9. Wheel weights

    Am I just unlucky, had a new pair of tyres fitted to my Varadero 1000 va9 early May, with stick on wheel balance weights fitted on the rims. The day after I did 150 miles on it, and came home and the rear wheel balance weights had fallen off, so the day after I got another set fitted, used the...
  10. GROSS and Train WEIGHTS????

    Varadero Technical Specs
    HI Guys, been looking on the interweb for Honda's specs on the Varadero. I have found the normal specs for performance and dry weight ,but what I,am after is the gross weight and the train weight for the bike????? bASICALY HOW MUCH WEIGHT CAN I PUT ON HER WHILST TRAVELLING 2 UP WITH CAMPING KIT...
  11. Bike weights

    Africa Twin
    Hi would anyone no the weight of Africa twin , Transalp,and Dominator thanks :thumbright:
  12. Removing the bar weights from a 700 Alp

    Has anyone ever removed the weights in the handlebar on 700 alp ? Need to remove them to fit some hand protectors, but unlike the 650 bars the weghts in the 700 bars appear to have a threaded hole in the middle ? Is this just to pull them out on a bolt ? Iain
  13. Handlebar Weights For Transalp 650

    can anyione tell me how to put weights on handlebar,because i cannot expande a rubber bits enaugh to fit them?
  14. Info: Exhaust weights

    Africa Twin
    Something I wanted to know a while ago so I thought I would share as I've just fitted my new Remus. Original Honda Exhaust RD07a: 17 pounds (7.7 Kg) approx Remus Revolution GP with connection pipe + mount : 9 pounds (4.1 Kg) approx The weight for both included everything taken off or mounted...
  15. Handle bar weights .. replacements ?

    Hi have pulled out my handle bar end pieces, and that rubber thingy inside is no good, full of rust etc etc. Are these honda original ? What's the point of these weights and where to get replacement (ideally only the rubber thingy ..) ... Any better suggestions, diy solutions ...
  16. Engine weights

    Mechanical Advice
    Hey, i put this up on a bike chat forum and got no luck so i was wondering the the people on this wonderful site would be more helpful. Im interested to know how much the following engines weigh. This is for a university project, whereby we will be possibly using one of these engines on an...
  17. Hand Protectors and weights

    Africa Twin
    RD04 Africa Twin Is anyone using steering weights with TT hand protectors ?? Currently my bike is fitted with after market handle bars and weights, I also just brought a set of TT had protectors, now the dilemma starts; 1. Do I remove the weights and fit the bars as per the instructions 2. Do...
  18. Effects on the Removal of Handle Bar End Weights

    Africa Twin
    I just installed a pair of Acerbis handprotectors on my 2000 AT and removed the internal and external handlebar end weights in doing so. I am now wondering if this was a wise thing to do :dontknow: . I would like to ask anyone who has removed the entire bar end weight assemblies if they have...
  19. Handlebar end weights.

    Africa Twin
    Anyone want to tell me the secret to removing the old ones? One of the weights broke off so I decided to bin what was left and replace them with aftermarket bits(only 12 euro :) ). However getting the innards out is a mystery, and the new weights use a different thread screw... At the moment,for...