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  1. how do you fit the centre stand

    Africa Twin
    bought a centre stand and tried to fit today but on the right side of the bike I need to remove the exhaust to fit. Problem is the exhasut looks welded, is this normal how did everyone else get around this?
  2. how interchangeable are the RD04 and RD07 Exhausts?

    Africa Twin
    Ideally the header as I have just noticed a crack in the collar for the rear pipe where it attaches above the front pipe into the system. I can get it welded up easily enough (cut the old collar off and get a new one welded on) but on the off chance they are a straight swap I might just stump up...
  3. fmx/slr mix up

    Dominator / FMX
    bikes back on the road, jazzed the slr up a bit with fmx parts goes well, welded 65mm in the stand to cope with the new height koso speedo on and ready for winter :)
  4. water pump

    Africa Twin
    hi lads got a leak on the water pump casing and what i need to no is if i take the water pump off do i need to drain the oil and is it a hard job to do.... also could the casing be alloy welded along the hairline crack... or has anyone got a quick guide in stages to taking the water pump off...
  5. Front Sprocket Welded on

    Just completed an oil change on my new transalp and noticed the front sprocket has been welded on. I am about to take it in to get a new set as the chain in knackered. Is this as bad as i think it is? It looks in reasonable condition, sorry i didn't manage to get a photo. What would be the...