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  1. 650 Alp weight and known issues

    Hi all, Does anyone know the actual real wet weight of the 650 Alp? Ive got all kinds from 191kg to 225kg!!! Also, anyone aware of any 'known' issues wiht the 650 or things I should be aware of if buying? Cheers all, much thanks! D
  2. replacing Avon Gripsters with Mitas MC24 or E-08 on TA650

    now Avon Gripsters are no longer available I am considering replacing the rear with a Mitas MC24 ( I have them on the TA600) or E-08 (cheaper than MC24 & bit more road orientated). I only use the TA650 on the road or gravel but many local roads are poorly surfaced and often quite muddy. There...
  3. Frank Thomas glove gripe ...

    Thistles and Bah Humbug ! Frank Thomas glove, still nice and comfy, warm and waterproof after only eighteen months of light use, but has now started to wear thin, tear apart along the side of the index finger, with whatever the low quality outer layer material used in the construction failing...
  4. SLR 650 Starting Problem

    Dominator / FMX
    hi, I've got a problem with my great condition, low milage (11,000) SLR 650 and hope that someone might be able to help. I bought it in August and everything has been working faultlessly until I went to start it last week and it sounded like the battery was going flat which was strange because...
  5. For Sale: TCX infinity gortex boots size 45 uk 11/11.5

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD TCX infinity gortex boots size 45 uk 11/11.5 100% waterproof leather gortex boot in excellent condition and up to now best boots I have had. Easy to walk in and light. They work well in summer and winter neither to hot or to cold and since buying these have never had wet feet. I dont think...
  6. For Sale: africa twin,1995,12mths mot £2500.

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    can be deleted. ...................................
  7. Keihin flatside carb

    Dominator / FMX
    Greetings from Denmark. I want to put my Dommie on the road as spring is just around the corner. I have fitted a flatside carb which was set up by Nick in Brum but I fitted a bell mouth on it and no ammount of adjustment will stop it backfiring and spitting. Nick advised me to put an air filter...
  8. Front brake issues

    Africa Twin
    Hi, failed the MOT yesterday :cry: due to uneven braking at the front. I can feel that the braking is uneven (as you apply slight pressure to come to a stop it feels like the disc is warped) but didn't really feel it was an issue. The MOT man did... So...what to do? I removed both discs and...
  9. Wonky winker no winky.

    Dominator / FMX
    Out on a cold, wet ride today. Nearing home my indicators started playing up - lights come on but don’t flash. Same whether indicating left or right. Hopefully just a bit of moisture in the flasher unit and will right itself when it dries out. Anyone here experienced something similar? Sent...
  10. Tyres

    I will be buying a new pair of tyres over the winter and have always stuck to tourances BUT been looking at maxxis (seem to be a big saving on the metzellers)) has anyone been using them what are they like in the dry/wet, what kind of mileage did you get any advice appreciated.
  11. Transalp 700 actual weight?

    Searching up TA700 specs,I can't find any reference to the actual ready-to-ride wet weight. Any number of sites quote dry weight as 214kg. So, if that's correct, it puts the fuelled weight somewhere north of 230kg. That seems helluva heavy to me. Can anyone shed any light?
  12. Rough running?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi I'm experiencing some rough running whilst the engine is ticking over I think it's referred to as hunting, it also seems to miss fire occasionally on a steady throttle at around 2000 rpm with a soft sort of wet fart backfire on the overrun. Can anyone put there finger on a reason for these...
  13. Guy Martin 2017 TT.

    My younger brother just sent me this video about Guy Martin , wet myself laughing and feel obliged to share the news.:thumbup: :hitler::hitler::hitler:
  14. Running on rear cylinder only

    Africa Twin
    After about a year sitting I tried starting my RD04 yesterday. It fired but running only on rear cylinder. Fuel gets into cylinders (pluga are wet) and all plugs have spark. Voltages across ignition coils are OK. I tried testing pulse generator voltage as per manual but don't get any reading...
  15. Best Road tyres for AT

    Africa Twin
    Any advice on the best road tyres for my new rdo7a, two up touring across to Turkey this year as I have no experience of this bike, what is good in the wet and dry also what mileage could one expect to get. Thanks
  16. the original road atlas- JOHN OGILBY'S BRITANNIA, 1675

    Great Roads/Routes
    I brought a book from a charity shop -The Southwest Highway Atlas for 1675 by Paul White. He had gone through the routes in the south west of England shown in JOHN OGILBY'S BRITANNIA, 1675 and attempted to relate them to current roads/tracks/paths. Googleing -ogilby britannia atlas- brings up a...
  17. Dommie seat

    Dominator / FMX
    The covering on my original Dommie seat has finally given up. It has a split which is letting rainwater in to wet the foam. If any of you customisers or flat trackerers or cafe racerers has an original RD08 seat going spare, please let me know here. Even if it's not in the best of nick, it...
  18. Show us your undies...

    Greetings from Denmark. I have just got myself a job which came as a bit of a shock with me turning 60 next month and there was me thinking I was on early retirement.:cheers::cheers::cheers: Normally this time of year I am tucking my bikes in for winter before the council starts throwing salt...
  19. Tyres - AT CRF1000L - Any advice?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, My CRF1000L now has about 3,000 miles done and although far from desperate, I was hoping the Anakee or Tourance tyre would be available by now, err... no. :( I am after a set that are roughly 80% road, 20% off road - ish. I do like the idea of going off road on my bike, but the stock...
  20. Time for Tyres Advice please on road tyres and pressures

    Hi Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but I can't see it? Transalp 700 I'm on Anakee 3's running at 30 & 35 psi. front is fine The rear has squared off like its low on pressure but the ride feels hard and I think should be 40 psi? I ride on road only and my main priority is wet & dry grip...