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  1. Motorcycle Cinema & Open Weekend, Gorey , Wexford , Ireland.

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    nice little meet up in March... be a few bikes about I reckon.. he is probably doing this both sides of the pond.. but in case anyone fancies a weekend away, or a trip up to it from around Ireland. Motorcycle Cinema & Open Weekend Facebook page, for all you folks who have an account...
  2. Circuit of Ireland Iron Butts

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Myself and Serious3 recently did the Circuit of Ireland Iron Butts challenge. Left Clifden, on the west coast on a bright sunny morning and headed for Letterkenny in Donegal. Had a quick break then across to Ballycastle for another stop, then headed on the longest leg, all the way down to...
  3. honda transalp front and back wheels

    does anyone know where i could pick up front and back wheels for a transalp 600c.c. i am on the dole and losing my mind my bike was stolen and i got whats left :(of it back with no wheels, kind regards . one lives in hope!!! Les . wexford Ireland.. i loved this old Honda.
  4. Complete SS1000 on my Africa Twin.

    Africa Twin
    Myself and SamiH from attempted and completed the Iron Butts associations SS1000 yesterday. We covered appropriately 1100 miles (I'll get the correct figure later from the log sheets) in a figure 8 around Ireland. (hope its enough to get certified) From start point to finish...
  5. Paul-S TLD10 ride report

    The Longest Day
    I set off on the Friday to head across country. Quite unplanned I met up with BT, Ollie, Rockoz at some services? We then travelled further to meet up with GOG007 and Fishbone at some other services? After a scenic route and a few detours we got to the TA barracks in the end. 329 miles...
  6. Perfect Saturday.

    Just had me what I can only describe as a perfect Saturday. Took a ride from home (Dublin) to Wexford to take some pics (Photo Rally) on my AT :-) It 'sunned' all day, no rain !!!!!!!! No rain in Ireland. Yes you read it here first it didnt rain. Took the coast road R742 just after Gorey, very...
  7. Ireland July 09

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    After some consideration we decided to tour the Southern part of Ireland, basicaly Holyhead, Dublin,Wicklow,Wexford, Cork, Killarney, Limerick, Portloise, Dublin then home. First stop a long named place in Anglesey :D Ferry out of Holyhead After a fun run around Dublin :rolleyes...
  8. R O Ireland july 09

    After long consideration Mrs Frad and I have changed our minds from Scotland and the Outer Hebredies to Southern Ireland. We will catch the ferry from Hollyhead to Dun Laogharie, heading south and staying near Arklow, then to Wexford, Cork, Killarney, Limerick and Back to Dublin. Does...
  9. Ireland and Scotland in September [Warning: Very long and lots of Pics]

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ireland and Scotland [Very long and lots of Pics] Hi All, I have been meaning to post up the pictures of my trip since I got back but only getting around to it now... Anyway, the plan was to spend a week riding around on my first proper tour on the bike so I decided to leave from my home in...