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  1. Oz - a taste of tasmania

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Tasmania is Oz's Island state and a great place for biking , this was my 5th trip down from the mainland and I cant wait to go again, amazing roads, great scenery and fantastic food mmmmmm. There was me (Africa Twin 750), Rob (KTM950), Margaret (R6), Mike(1150GSA), Nick (XTZ660), Steve(100GS)...
  2. Summer 2006 - Guardians choice

    Great Roads/Routes
    If you haven't planned your 2006 summerholiday, I can recommend:,,1744039,00.html Guardian consider the "Atlanterhavsveien" in Norway as the best road trip; quote Road Trips Saturday April 1, 2006 The Guardian Bridge over peaceful waters ...