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wheel cleaner

  1. Why dat den ?

    Mechanical Advice
    It's a beautiful day out there, so prior to Sunday lunch I thought I'd wheel Bev out into the sunshine and clean her wheels. This was all going swimmingly until I read the instructions on the bottle..."WARNING - do not use in bright sunlight" Oooops. And I'm kind of wondering why this is. I...
  2. Win £150 of Cleaning Products in Opie Oils March Competition

    Discounts / Deals
    We are giving away over £150's worth of cleaning, polishing and detailing products and there will be 2 runners up prizes of a £50 voucher to spend at engine oil, motor oil, gear oil, car oil, motorbike oil, transmission fluid from oilman at Opie Oils. This Competition is free to enter with no...
  3. alloy wheel cleaner

    Mechanical Advice
    Anyone know of a good ally cleaner for staining?.
  4. 2003 transalp wheels in poor condition!!

    Folks My wheels are badly pitted everywhere, and the spokes are pretty grubby too. There is no rust. Overall they look good enough (no damage etc.). Is there a particular product that is known to restore them? A friend told me that some time ago he had spoked wheels on a bike and his mate got...