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wheel rebuild

  1. Dominator Partial Refurb - Front forks

    Dominator / FMX
    So my plan was to have a week off in August, buy a load of bits, strip the Dominator, get the frame resprayed and rebuild. Like most of my plans in life things have changed a little. Well maybe a lot. I still have a week off in August but am seriously lacking in funds to do the full refurb...
  2. Wheel rebuild

    Africa Twin
    Finally got a minute to do this. Warning Just to make sure this warning to everyone, I’m not a professional just like most inmates here I prefer DIY, this my 1st wheel build ever and I want share experience with you lot ! Ok let’s go, 1st thing to do is plenty research how to do job…...
  3. XL 600 LMF WHEEL REBUILD Wheel Torque Wrench Bit Size?

    I am just about to renovate the wheels on my 1983 XL 600 LMF and need a torque wrench for the spokes and a bit to fit, the head is an allen key 6 side affair, can anybody tell me what size I need to order and where to get a decent wrench that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, I live just outside of...
  4. Wheel rebuild

    Dominator / FMX
    I took my Dommie to my friendly neighbourhood tyre emporium to check wheel balance, as I was experiencing a wobble when decelerating to about 20mph and the bike also feels very unstable when traversing raised paint, overbanding etc. Turns out balance was not the issue. There is massive play in...
  5. Neglected transalp

    Hello everyone, This is my first post so please go easy on me! I got my 2000 650 transalp (he’s called Troy) last November and he had been severely neglected. He had been sitting on his own in a garage for over 5 years, what a waste…. This neglect has obviously had an impact on almost every...
  6. nice uns

    2003 xr400 wheels . satin black powder coated rims , new s/s spokes , ral3000 powder coated hubs @ sfx wheels
  7. broken rear spoke xl650v

    Hi all was taking advantage of the warm weather to do some winter fettling, and as i was checking spoke tensions I found one that was loose. spent 5 minutes trying to tighten it, then realised it was broken at the hub end, right where it engages. 4 questions: 1. do I need a complete wheel...
  8. supermoto 17" bmw front wheel conversion 3.50 x 17 sm front

    bmw 17 inch supermoto front wheel conversion by sfx wheels strip and rebuild 1 wheel £30.00 new hd 8g spokes £60.00 per wheel new 17" 3.50 x 17 silver morad rim £156.00 colour anodize 1 rim £30.00 , ( 2 rims £60.00 ) Welcome - sfx wheels i know its not a bm sprocket , its a maico one ...
  9. free tyre removal , re fitting and balance in august and september on wheel rebuilds

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    free tyre removal and refitiing with balancing on wheel refurb jobs in august and september africa twin rear wheel refurb ,,,, new rear morad plain silver rim , £140.00 (3.00 x 17 ) new s/s 8g spokes £60.00 strip and rebuild £30.00 clean up hub etc , FOC tyre removal/refit balance FOC (...
  10. Help Needed Once Again

    Africa Twin
    Hi all i have a problem, Spoke to northeast wheel builders and they said they would have a new front rim in for me this week so i cut the spokes out so a mate could take the hub to them for me. No word so far so i called them only to find out they now cant get a rim untill August. SO MY...