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wheel swap

  1. transalp front wheel swap

    Hi everyone does anybody know if the 600 transalp front wheel will bolt directly onto an 85 xl 600
  2. FX Vigor/(SLR) front wheel on NX 650 Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, Just bought a dommie, after a thruxton (with tourances) and I now don't have to worry about dirt roads in national parks! Am aiming at making something street tracker(ish). Am a VERY big fan of backtracker's work and several other builders here. Does the slr / fx vigor front rim bolt...
  3. RD04/RD07a front wheel swap

    Africa Twin
    Can any of you tell me whether a twin-disc RD04 front wheel will fit straight onto an RD07a? If not, I will have a good condition RD04 front wheel for sale soon.