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which bike

  1. Which Transalp

    I am after a Transalp 650 and have narrowed down to two bikes but cannot decide which and would appreciate any thoughts on the matter. Bike 1 is private sale, four hour train ride away, 2008, 10,000 K needs new tyres (€320) for MOT and has small scratch on fairing and hand guard from falling...
  2. AT Camshaft details

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Following on from the individual technical specs posts, here's some more camshaft details. Here are the details of the "alternative" camshafts used by Honda on the Swiss and Austrian restricted RD04, RD07 and RD07a AFrica Twins. Also, for comparison, are the camshaft details of the Transalp and...
  3. Ride for Africa guess which bike they used?

    Africa Twin
    Welcome to rideforafrica
  4. Which bike?

    I've replaced my main bike with a new Yamaha Super Tenere.... I test rode one a week or two ago and I was mightly impressed. I pick it up on Saturday. It sounded great which is something I've really missed since the AT. Anyway the point of the post is that I want to replace the XR with...
  5. How much kit do you carry ?

    Following answers from an earlier thread, the following question arose. How much kit & weight do we lug around on our bikes ? I'm sure there will be some fab & interesting answers, of which bike is capable of transporting the biggest & most kit, excluding the rider & pillion. So please do...
  6. Bridgestone battlax BT-45 110/90/17 rear

    Dominator / FMX
    I bought this tyre yesterday it is brand new unused still with original sticker however it is no use to me can someone please give me some idea which bike it will fit Bridgestone battlax BT-45 110/90/17 rear
  7. Which bike???

    Hi guys, i'm thinking of changing the R1 for something a little less cramped, it's only become a prob in the last couple of yrs as the old body's not a flexible as it once was :lol:. The thing is what to get as a replacement? Tempted with a '94 fj1200 or the blackbird ( and i don't mean the...
  8. Which bike has the longest cables? Africa Twin, Transalp or Varadero?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi guys, I have a 2003 650 Transalp. I'm 6'5" tall, and I find the riding position is too cramped, so I'm raising the seat by 4 inches, and raising the handlebars by something between 6 inches and 8 inches. I can make my own cables, but perhaps Honda already makes cables which are long...
  9. Which Bike Would You Buy?

    Ok, I might need to start commuting back and forth from the UK to Spain each weekend (rather than move back to the UK), and my solution at the moment is to fly cheapo airline to Alicante and ride home along the spanish autovia (motorway). So, if my Transalp is in the UK being my weekday ride to...
  10. Preston to Gibralter

    Hi guys, i'm looking at doing a run down to Gibralter from Lancs at the end of August, a couple of questions for you. I have 2 bikes, ones a tweaked up 99 R1 and the others the @ rd07a, i'm not sure which bike to take? The plus side of the R1 is the speed ( easy cruise at a ton ), the down...
  11. Which bike

    Other Bikes
    Hello everyone, i am looking for a bit of advic i am thinking of buying a cheap on and off road bike 125 cc or less since i have not yet passed my test, could anyone advise me on which bike would be best. Thanks.
  12. Horizons Unlimited Achievable Dream DVD's

    Hi All, Just got the latest in the series of DVD’s from Horizons Unlimited... SUPERB, MEGA, HIGHLY INFORMATIVE, FUNNY, and more.:D Yes, we are pleased with them and yes you should get them bought. We sat in front of the TV from 3 o’clock till midnight because of it; if it was a book I guess we...
  13. Too old to start riding again

    My dad who is 66 has started showing interest in bying a bike much too my mums horror.He has not rode are owned one for 40yrs but had big bikes in his youth (his words) are there many over 65 bikers on this forum and which bike would you recomend for him. cheers :thumbup:
  14. Crankshaft end cap woes

    Mechanical Advice
    Been up this road before on the NX forum, but I couldn't find any tips in our search facility. The previous owner had a real go at unscrewing the Aluminium cap on the Tranny (doesn't matter which bike here ...) and had botched the socket where the 10mm unbrako fits. Bought a new tool but...
  15. which bike

    HI guys I have a 06 transalp and i am thinking of buying a more off road based bike. I am looking for a bike lighter than the transalp, and was looking along the lines of a drz 400/450.The bike would be for road use,green laneing and a little off roading.I would not be selling my...
  16. Wanted: First Bike - possibly Transalp

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I am going to do my CBT early Feb and want to start looking into what bike I could get.. I thought of just doing the CBT and get something like a Yamaha SR 125 to travel 32 miles everyday to work (return). However, after speaking to a few friends with bikes, I was told maybe I could...
  17. Kickstart levers

    Does anybody know if the kickstart levers for the 600R, the 400R and the XR250R are interchangeable...? I can understand if the part numbers are differant, it's just that there have been some people looking ofr a lever for a 400R and not been able to get one from anywhere quickly. If we knew...
  18. A small tour in Portugal

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The place is called Entre-os-rios, which means Betwenn the rivers.. It's a small city, in between 2 rivers.. Slow start by rather pretty places... Sometimes, the GPS really makes you go crazy Time to get back the lost time Once in a while, you find great treasures...
  19. fuel tank

    Africa Twin
    hi to all i buy a trip from kaso to fit it in africa....i want to know what i have to use in the fuel tank so the trip work .....from which bike i have take floter in order to you know anything about...thanks
  20. New @ owner....

    Africa Twin
    Hello, I am new here and i have just bought my first @ ... A 92 RD04 with 15k km on the clock..... Just sold an 06 KTM 640 Adventure and guess which bike I like best ? I have viewed a few other RD04s in the past few weeks so if anyone is bidding on fleabay without viewing I maybe able to...