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  1. Whitby on monday

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Just not been able to get out today :( planning a reasonably early ride from Barnsley, south Yorkshire up to Whitby if anyone is interested
  2. Whitby - Whistlestop cafe this evening

    Regional Meets
    Having a run to the Whistlestop cafe this evening with Vanessa & a couple of mates, be good to meet up if anyone fancies heading over there. Phil
  3. Whitby Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    Popped down to Whitby this evening with the Deserado's, saw and heard the best looking Africa Twin I've seen for some time leaving the Whistle stop Cafe about 8-40 ish. Who's was it? UP THE WORKERS!
  4. Whitby & Squires

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The plan for the afternoon was to knock seven shades of sh*te out of the bathroom but the weather was so good me & Sue did off on the bikes instead (good plan or what;)) We decided on Whitby for fish'n'chips then Squires cafe to meet some of the Yorkshire & Humberside XRV'ers. The obligatory...
  5. short trip to Whitby

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    My wife and I tried our new tent out this weekend on a short trip to Whitby. Only took one photo though.