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  1. Help - extra allen bolts left over!

    Africa Twin
    After Cifing the AT to within an inch of its life I appear to have two allen bolts left over? They have a shoulder on them, are they for the expansion tank or what have I left undone?:rolleyes: Top tip by the way the cream cleaner - well done whoever thought of that one:thumbup:
  2. Longest Day Participants Pack

    The Longest Day
    Ok ladies and gents, apologies everything's gone a bit quiet on this lately but its been a busy time and there's been lots to do! The participants pack is taking shape. You'll get a selection of stickers including 1x Large Rally Plate Style sticker for your screen personalised with your...
  3. mobile phone uses

    no idea if this is true but... 4 THINGS YOU PROBABLY NEVER KNEW YOUR MOBILE PHONE COULD DO There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you can do with...
  4. Petrol Prices

    No doubt some of you will receive a similar email to this soon but I thought I would do my bit and post it here..... See what you think and pass it on if you agree with it Petrol is hitting 107p a litre in some areas now; soon we will be faced with paying 110p a ltr. Philip Hollsworth...
  5. Whoever said British ingenuity was dead!

    Chatter Perhaps the next Rubik??? Kymmy
  6. Calendar pics

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    It's that time of year again, but with RichieB off to Afghanistan, I'll sort out next year's calendars. last year there was some sort of complicated voting system for photos. Well I'm in charge this year so we're having none of that democracy rubbish. I'll decide and the other moderators can...
  7. RD04 brechin angus

    i saw a spotless RD04 coming into Brechin last night as i exited the traffic lights on my blackbird...... don't they look just so right in red white and blue !! made me want mine up here now.... RD07's just dont not seem to have it. so whoever you are, nice bike.... lucky i did not mug you...
  8. OUCH!!!

    Whoever said that 4 wheels is always safer!!! Video Clip Kymmy :cool:
  9. easy way to spend £100!!!!

    phone Dave Silver spares and order chain and sprockets....and oh yes i want that and that and one other bit!! need the bits and all are cheap but whoever invented credit cards must have known how weak i am and how easy it is to get me to BUY BUY BUY!!
  10. Dave, Mabel, Kymmy or whoever

    Wot's a referral and how come I've only got one is it like a recommendation (or just another ASBO) :toothy8:
  11. Aussie Needs Parts

    G'day all, I have a 1/1999 600 Transalp (twin disc model) (manufactured Honda Italy) that I bought from an Italian guy who shipped it to Oz to tour on. Now I need parts for it but that model didn't come here so Honda Australia can't (or won't) help me at all. Parts required are ONE COUNTER-SHAFT...
  12. Spotted Isle of wight

    was blasting along military road this morn (about 90) and another @ came flying out of the corner at the end of the straight.... we passed at a total speed of about 180 i would say. was it anyone off here ? anyway whoever it was looked to be having as much fun as me ...
  13. Warning - travel insurance

    If you have an annual policy check the wording. Most exclude travel on a motorbike over 125CCs. If anyone finds they have this exclusion and did not know about let me know please. But, most importantly, if you are travelling abroad (The Stella, Le MAns etc) talk to whoever sold you the policy...
  14. ive just got to say !!!!

    dave and whoever is involved.. the work you've done with the gallery is great :thumbright: :thumbright: :thumbright: at first i thought bugger!! this im not going to get my head around :oops: :oops: :oops: but its so much easier to work with now 8) 8) 8) thanks :D :D :D
  15. potential new member!

    Hello TA brigade! there is a TA parked in chester city centre every day i have never spotted the rider to find out if he is one of us, today i spotted him and he isn't but he has met Kiwi or Keewee or however it will be spelt here (hello whoever you are!) he is off to get married and then go...
  16. Bloody Transalps

    Other Bikes
    Yep, bloody Transalps. It's all its fault. (Not mine for a change!) For years I'd been quite happy with my import KDX for really gnarly muddy wet stuff. Then I go and play with "torque" off road. Now, don't get me wrong, power is good, we all like power I know, me as much as the next rider, but...
  17. Stolen Twin P947 UMR ...UPDATE!!

    Well I must say I'm shocked. Or perhaps surprised. And pleasantly so for once. It's not been a month yet since my beloved and well travelled Twin vanished from outside work, and yesterday the Insurance paid out! I was expecting a 3 month wait and dozens of arguments on the phone, but no. Not...
  18. 8.000 mile service

    Africa Twin
    Despite my good intentions of not paying someone to service my AT, since making the decision I've done bugger all about doing it myself. Time to swallow my money and pride and book it in. Does anyone have a list of the items included in an official Honda 8,000 mile AT service? I want to make...
  19. Was it you? Kislingbury/Harpole turn

    Tuesday (May 24th) morn about 7.15am - a red/white/blue RD07 drew up next to me (red/white/blue RD04) at said roundabout and headed off to M1 J16? Greetings whoever you are....
  20. Frayed Dave's Yellow Peril

    Dominator / FMX
    Here as promised the pics of the yellow peril,I'm currently checking all the fixings,so far I have two different bolts holding the side panels on,and allen bolts hold on one of the front indicators on,both the bolts holding the exhaust protection plate on have sheared,and I found that whoever...