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  1. A weekend on the piste

    Africa Twin
    Y'know those times when a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
  2. hey mods !!!!

    what the hell is a slurp spider:confused::confused::confused::confused: i noticed when i had a peep to see whos online that this thing was looking at loads of threads:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  3. Camping Weekend, Wales Summertime

    Mini XRVs
    OK whos going to come, give your folks a nudge to ask when is a good time. I need suggestions for dates and I will put something in the calender in February
  4. friends

    Mini XRVs
    my best frind is emily hunt whos yours??
  5. Whos Who

    Mini XRVs
    My mum is sharriebee and rides a transalp My dad is mr mabel and rides a GS:faroah::faroah::love8::smurf::smurf:
  6. all the way round and back again

    Africa Twin
    the last few weeks have proved to be testing in the finanial dept so the vara had to go after finding my vara will be going to a new home (another member here who will anounce his vara ownership when he's ready:D so i needed somthing cheap but fairly good but i wasnt banking on tagging myself...
  7. Motad Venom

    There is another new can on Ebay Item number: 200125319047. For anyone whos looking, They are good cans & sound great.
  8. Traveling from Sweden to Japan

    Hello everybody Im just here to let you guys know about my trip. Im going to go down through Europe and stay by the south coast of asia on my trip to Japan. Please visit my home page at I shure wish I had a AT thou I dont want to buy a used one so Ill have to do with a TA. I...
  9. bank hol monday easter weekend

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    booked a pass for the monday to get out for the day....sort of thinking east and west sussex way...whos up for it:D
  10. esteemed vara owners. advice please

    right guys .. center stand and engine bars where to go whos the best so far the only ones i can think of are SW motech. many thanks chad
  11. norfolk

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    whos near the norfolk area that fancies meeting up for a rideout soon
  12. TA600 vs TA650 vs AT

    Hello, i'm glad to meet you boyz (i'm new here) !!! i sat on a few saddles till now, enduro bikes, speed bikes, naked, etc ... but in time i found that the middle path is my path. i want to travel, to admire the beauty spots, tu breathe freedom .. you know .. nice things for spirit ! sometimes...
  13. James Bond

    Whos seen it and what do you think, in fact I may make this a poll. WHo is your favourite. Mine is Sean COnnery, not too sure about the new film, I think the personality of Bond is unrecognisable to the previous films and I kind of like the old Bond. Great stunts and the rolling of the DB9...
  14. Guess whos a clever girl then

    I a really pleased with myself. Not being the most technically minded - (you may not have noticed I hide it well) TOday I have service Twinkletoes myself, obviously Mr Mable was in the background telling me what I need to do but apart from losening a few screws and the oil filter I did it all...
  15. where are all the bloomin londoners :-)

    its up in the calender 29th sept london meet comon guys it feels like its just me wheelie and lord vader holding this end up :shock: the location is to be sorted so go over to the meet up ride out section (london meet ) and give us some ideas of where to meet up :D then stick your moniker up...
  16. XRV high milers

    Africa Twin
    I guess this is a perennial question surrounded by the dark arts but here goes.... Looking at the 'needs a new clutch' thread 70k is mentioned on an XRV. Can you all come back with your mileages/kilometres travelled on XRV engines. There seems a huge range. I read of ones that have only had...
  17. Whos your favourite???

    Now I know it may seem like a strange thread but Dr who was my childhood hero, no matter what noone could replace Tom Baker as the doctor. But I thought Christopher Eccleston came very close. Just watched tonights episode on BBC and I hvae to be honest its very close I quite like this new doc...
  18. Mileage

    Africa Twin
    Whos got the highest mileage on there at.What mileage are these bike capable of.
  19. last chance to meet up tomorrow in sussex . 5th

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    any body whos going to be in the area me and man up north are meeting at brighton pier at 1030am tomorrow. it will be good to see anybody who wants to tag along last min , so to speak :D

    OK, so who was it that decided it would be funny to try confuse everyone but changing the order of the forum? :evil: